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“Pet sitting visit” vs. “sit”

Posted: 05 Jan 2010 03:57 PM PST

Here’s a question for you pet sitters . . .

When you have a scheduled visit to see a clients’ pets do you call it:

a pet sitting visit?
a sit?

I prefer the term “pet sitting visit” over “sit” and I’ll tell you why.

Using the term “sit” to refer to your visits, might lead some to believe you go to a client’s house and spend most of your time sitting. For most pet sitters, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! And, in fact, they’re insulted when people think they go to a client’s house, park their butt on the couch and wait for the time to pass. There’s much more to a pet sitting visit than sitting.

On the other hand, when a client hears the term “pet sitting visit” it’s more descriptive, and brings to mind an entirely different picture. Rather than being about sitting, it’s about visiting. And after all, as a pet sitter you’re responsible for the pets emotional needs as well as the physical ones – things that can be addressed by visiting. So, when you use the term “pet sitting visit” people are likely to get a vision of their pet sitter interacting (visiting!) with their pets, which is much more accurate.

Since most of the time clients don’t actually see you do your job, you want to give them the most accurate picture of what you do – and using the right terms helps. It’s a very subtle distinction, but can make a difference in how people view what you do.

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