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Mason goes to doggie school

Posted: 11 Jan 2010 10:50 PM PST

Mason practicing his down stay

Mason and Jim are going through dog training classes, with Kim The Dog Trainer, who teaches at Southpaws Playschool Dog Daycare in south Austin. Tonight was their fifth class and although it wasn’t the best, Mason is definitely making progress.

Based on the information Jim was given from Town Lake Animal Center, he’s guessing Mason is six or seven years old. In spite of his age though, he’s a bit of a wild child and people guess he’s younger. He acts like a puppy most of the time, with more energy than he knows what to do with. It makes it a little difficult to get his attention at times, but he and Jim are working on it and doing a pretty good job. Mason’s a bright dog and is learning what’s expected of him. And of course treats and plenty of praise are part of the plan!

Tonight Kim focused mostly on coming when called, heeling, leave it, and a short down stay. Mason started off doing pretty good but about halfway through the class he pulled one of the oldest dog tricks around -  the “what are you talking about” trick! He acted like he had absolute no idea what the word ‘down’ meant. A few treats seemed to bring back his memory though – amazing what a little junk food can do.

Mason and Jim work on heeling

Jim and Mason work on heeling

Manny practices his down stay

Mason’s classmate, Manny certainly knows his down! He stayed put (most of the time) like an expert. He seemed to enjoy that part of the class but I think he and Mason especially liked the break when they had a chance to romp a little bit.

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