Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from Melvin!

Update from Melvin!

Silly Faces: Part 1

Posted: 12 Jan 2010 10:13 PM PST

We got Zoey a new color. It's pretty safe to say that she's not digging it. It must clash with her new eyes or something. One thing I do know, she makes the most ridiculous faces when she's trying to get it off.

(She's not hacking up a hairball. I promise.)

(She somehow got a piece of random fuzz in her mouth. This just elevated the funniness level of each picture)

Here's basically what she does... For about ten minutes straight until I finally feel sorry enough for her to take it off. Maybe I'll have to give in and go matchy-matchy by buying a nice blue collar, instead.

If you aren't able to view the video, please watch it on YouTube. If you can, comment, rate and subscribe! Thanks, everyone!

I'll be posting more funny faces (with Melvin, this time) tomorrow. I didn't want to take up too much room!

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