Monday, January 18, 2010

Update from Melvin!

Update from Melvin!

Oh, Those Silly Haters

Posted: 17 Jan 2010 06:15 PM PST

Over the course of writing Mouchois, I have gathered a wonderful collection of hate mail from all different kinds of sources. I used to let them bother me because I was new to the wonderful world of internet animal activists, but these days, I've collected them as trophies. Something to look back on and share with the kids when I'm old and gray.

I've decided to share some of these with you all, today, all while posting pictures of Melvin in the *GASP* bath! Let's start (as they say over on CuteOverload) a commentroversy!

Internet Animal Activist's views on what I feed Melvin:

"Your killing Melvn by feeding him dry food. Persians need wet food to survive and by giving him dry kibble that you can buy from walmart, you are decreasing his life expectancy by 100%. Grow up and get rid of the cat if you can't afford to get him some real food. " - Email

"Feeding yor cats junky cheap food like Fancy Feast will eventually kill them! Feed them some reall food or live with the knoledge that you killed your cats by being cheap!" - Blog Comment

Internet Animal Activist's views on putting Melvin outside/keeping Melvin inside:

"You're killing your cat by not letting him roam free outdoors. How would you like to be couped up all day?" - Email

"Don't u know that putting ur cat outside will kill it? You are a terrible person!" - Blog Comment

"Letting cats outside will eventually lead to shorter deaths. Even walking Melvin on the leash is going to shorten his life. You should learn to follow some of your own advice and read about the dangers of the outise world. Dogs, other cats, and wild animals can kill poor melvin! Then what? Who will you gawk over then?" - Blog Comment

"Do you ever let Melvin and Zooy outside? They need fresh air and to roam and excercise! You're taking away from their natural state of being by keeping them indoors all the time!" - Facebook Message

Internet Animal Activist's views on bathing Melvin:

"Thats Cruel Cats Clean them Selfs By licking why put it In there?" - YouTube Comment

"i have had cats all my life and yeh they clean themselfs!
and cats hate water.. " - YouTube Comment

"OMG THATS ANIMAL ABUSE! look at the poor thing trying t o egt out, its gonna drown ro soemthing, tis terrified! THIS SHOULDNT EXIST!" - YouTube Comment

"Your killing your cat! Bathing a cat will KILL THEM. You don't deserve to be a pet owner. GO TO HELL!" - Blog Comment

"What planet are you from... Does it look like the cat are enjoying all the baths that you give him ? I dont think so, ergo it is cruel! My 3 year old mummy cat have never had one of these tortures, and she smells fresh as a morning breeze cause she spends all the time she wants OUTSIDE where they belong, and then they wont stink cause they get "washed" by the rain/moisture! Do him a favor and brush him instead! ;)" - Email

"You don't deserve to be a pet owner. Bathing a cat removes all of it's oils and will KILL IT. You NEVER Have to bathe a cat and you are killing Melvin! I hope PETA gets called on you. Your sick and you have no idea how to take care of animals. I'm a animal rescuer and I know that cats clean themselves and do not need baths EVER. Do your homework! " - Email

Before I continue on, let me take a moment to say a few things about bathing Melvin. While I would like to refrain from replying to any of these wonderful comments, there is a bit of a point that these people have. Granted, they've taken that minor detail and exaggerated it to the fullest, but they still have a teensy weensy point. Bathing cats often WILL remove essential oils from their fur. And for the most part, cats do bathe themselves. But in special cases like Melvin's, or any other dirty grimy cat, you do need to bathe them. It's either let them hate you for 10 minutes while they claw their way out of the shower (which I'm lucky to say, Melvin does NOT do), or take a chance on them getting seriously sick from whatever mess made it's way on to their fur. Think about that.

Internet Animal Activist's views on owning a purebred cat:

"Why would you want to promote the breeding of genetic traits that lead to sickliness and death in the species? Shelter cats are healthier and much sweeter. Your killing cats by buying from a breeder!" - Blog Comment

"Have fun with your very expensive, inbred, retarded cat who will live a miserable life because of it's disabilities. And have fun knowing that you killed a shelter cat that's better.
Nice priorities there kid." - Facebook Message

"Uh, ok, a purebred what? What do you want? Sounds like you just have this weird attachment to a valuable cat. Purebred (purebred cats dont exist. only inbred diseased versions of strays.) cats are slowing killing off the feline species.
Seems like you just want a status symbol. Ok, WHAT traits do you require that makes you want a certain breed of cat specifically? Do you want a cat that can herd sheep? What about one that
Becuase if you just want an inbred cat with no regard for personality, health or the damage that breeding is doing to the cat species . . . yeah that'd be the defintion of a status symbol." - Email

I've been so entertained by this in the past week that I even decided to make a short video about it. One big reason I did so is not to defend myself against the trolls, but to remind others to laugh about the hateful comments that they may get on their blog, Facebook, or YouTube. Just keep doing you and keep loving your pet and you will be fine!

If you're not able to view the video player, please watch it on YouTube.

So what do you all think? How are YOU killing your cats?

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