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where the cultivation of eels in the drum

Posted: 09 Feb 2010 04:18 AM PST

where the cultivation of eels in the drum

fish culture is now no longer be cultivated on a large place, but now many other alternatives that can be done in order to maintain the fish in a relatively small place. cultivation of fish in a small area can be done at a place and a particular fish species, maintenance of media that can be used to preserve fish in the narrow land that is able to use a plastic drum, for the type of fish usually use fish that are relatively resistant to low water conditions / bit and fish species are resistant to low oxygen conditions, why do so because the maintenance of media stored on a narrow land generally located at a location which is usually populated minimal water resources.
species of fish that can be cultivated on a small area of one eel, eels can be kept in the tub and the drum that the media has been adjusted to maintain natural habitat in nature.

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packaging for fish

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 11:54 PM PST

container / packaging for packaging processed sea fish, container was used as a place to store processed fish ready to be marketed to consumers. This packaging is made from raw material woven bamboo to form a container.

fish marketed in this case the fish float. excess use of this container are: easy operational, lightweight, cost effective, practical. fish are packed in these containers marketed to the nearest market.

the effort to pack the fish are usually located close to the markets and the type of business is usually done by the household-scale companies

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wadah kemasan untuk ikan layang

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 08:09 AM PST

wadah/kemasan untuk mengemas hasil olahan ikan laut, wadah ini digunakan sebagai tempat untuk menyimpan ikan olahan yang siap untuk dipasarkan ke konsumen. kemasan ini bahan bakunya terbuat dari bambu yang dianyam sehingga membentuk sebuah wadah.

ikan yang dipasarkan dalam wadah ini yaitu ikan layang. kelebihan menggunakan wadah ini yaitu : mudah dioperasionalkan, ringan, hemat biaya, praktis. ikan yang dikemas dalam wadah ini dipasarkan ke pasar terdekat.

tempat usaha untuk mengemas ikan ini biasanya jaraknya dekat dengan pasar dan jenis usaha ini umumnya dikerjakan oleh perusahaan skala rumah tangga
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