Friday, January 29, 2010

Update from Melvin!

Update from Melvin!

Melvin: Unfloofed

Posted: 28 Jan 2010 11:02 PM PST

I'll let the pictures explain themselves.



He hasn't gotten the after-bath, yet, as he already sat very quietly and sweetly for one and a half hours. Yes, that's right... One and a half HOURS of shaving! Melvin was not able to be put under with a sedative, so they just went for it and all parties involved were extraordinarily patient.

Since he got home he's been outrageously hyper. I can almost safely say that he really enjoys his new haircut. Granted, he REALLY needs an after bath to get rid of all the random hair pieces. I'll be doing this a little later.

Also, it's not quite a lion-cut. They left about an inch of fur so that Melvin can keep a bit warmer than if he were to have the lion-cut (which is usually meant for summer days). Melvin will also get a nice sweater for the colder nights.

Oh yes! The little lump on Melvin's lip is from his top tooth! It is pretty much just jutting forward, rather than going straight down and it is causing a bit of irritation on Melvin's lip. The vet said that he should be fine with it as long as he is able to keep eating okay (which he definitely is).

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