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Animals Zoo Park

Animals Zoo Park

Horse Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 12:31 PM PST

Indian Blue Peacock Free Wallpapers

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The Indian Peafowl is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent. The peacock is designated as the national bird of India. The male is called a peacock and the female is called a peahen.

National Bird of India PeacockNational Bird of India Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock Free WallpaperIndian Blue Peacock Free Wallpaper

Blue Peacock Free BackgroundBlue Peacock Free Background

Indian Blue Peacock Free WallpaperIndian Blue Peacock Free Wallpaper

Indian Blue Peacock Desktop WallpaperIndian Blue Peacock Desktop Wallpaper

Indian Blue PeacockIndian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock Free BackgroundIndian Blue Peacock Free Background

White Peacocks Photos, Pictures

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White Lions Pictures

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 11:23 AM PST

The white lion is occasionally found in wildlife reserves in South Africa and is a rare color mutation of the Kruger subspecies of lion (Panthera leo krugeri). It has been perpetuated by selective breeding in zoos around the world. White lions are not a separate subspecies and they have never been common in the wild. Regarded as divine by locals,white lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride's book The White Lions of Timbavati. White cubs occasionally turn up among tawny lions in the Timbavati and Kruger National Park regions.

White Lion Desktop WallpaperWhite Lions Desktop Wallpaper

Baby White Lion Free Desktop BackgroundWhite Lion Picture

White Lion Cubs PhotoWhite Lion Cubs Photo

White Lion Closeup PictureWhite Lion Closeup Picture

White LionWhite Lion

Sharks - White shark Pictures, Photos,Video

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 11:18 AM PST

Sharks Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Superorder: Selachimorpha

Sharks (superorder Selachimorpha) are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. They respire with the use of five to seven gill slits. Sharks have a covering of dermal denticles that protect their skin from damage and parasites and improve fluid dynamics. They have several sets of replaceable teeth.Sharks range in size from the small dwarf lanternshark, Etmopterus perryi, a deep sea species of only 17 centimetres (7 in) in length, to the whale shark, Rhincodon typus, the largest fish, which grows to a length of approximately 12 metres (39 ft) and which feeds only on plankton, squid, and small fish through filter feeding.

Sharks Attacking PhotoSharks Attacking Photo

White shark South Australia PictureWhite shark South Australia Picture

Great White shark PictureGreat White shark Picture

Rare primitive shark PhotoRare primitive shark Photo

Sea Animals Shark PhotoSea Animals Shark Photo

> Shark Video : 450 pound Black Marlin eaten by shark Video - 7,313,638 views

7,313,638 - Video views

Beavers Photos and Pictures

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Beavers Scientific classification :
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Castoridae
Genus: Castor

Beavers are two primarily nocturnal, semi-aquatic species of rodent, one native to North America and one to Eurasia. They are known for building dams, canals, and lodges (homes). They are the second-largest rodent in the world (after the capybara).

American Beaver (Castor canadensis)PhotoAmerican Beaver(Castor canadensis)Photo

Beavers PhotoBeavers Photo

Beavers Blackhoes looking camera PictureBeavers Blackhoes looking camera Picture

Beavers PictureBeavers Picture

Animals - Beavers PhotoAnimals - Beavers Photo

Red Kangaroos Pictures, Kangaroo Baby Photos

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 04:11 AM PST

Red Kangaroo Profile
Type: Mammal
Diet: Herbivore
Average lifespan in the wild: Up to 23 years
Size: Head and body, 3.25 to 5.25 ft (1 to 1.6 m); Tail, 35.5 to 43.5 in (90 to 110 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs (90 kg)
Group name: Mob
Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man

The red kangaroo is the world's largest marsupial. Females have one baby at a time, which at birth is smaller than a cherry.Kangaroo look for a big,usually upright animal with large, strong lower legs and tail. Chest narrow and upper legs (arms) small. Head small with a long snout and large ears. Color varies from reddish to gray.Male much larger than female.Female red kangaroos are smaller, lighter, and faster than males. They also boast a blue-hued coat, so many Australians call them "blue fliers."

Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful hind legs and do so at great speed. A red kangaroo can reach speeds of over 35 miles (56 kilometers) an hour. Their bounding gate allows them to cover 25 feet (8 meters) in a single leap and to jump 6 feet (1.8 meters) high.

Red Kangaroos Photograph at Zoo ParkRed Kangaroos Photograph at Zoo Park

Video Gallery Desktop WallpaperVideo Gallery Desktop Wallpaper

Kangaroo With Baby Photograph at Zoo ParkKangaroo With Baby Photograph at Zoo Park

Red Great Red Kangaroo Mammal PictureRed Great Red Kangaroo Mammal Picture

Mammal-Red kangaroo in Melbourne zoo PhotoMammal-Red kangaroo in Melbourne zoo Photo

Closeup view of Red Kangaroo- Animal PhotoCloseup view of Red Kangaroo-Mammal Photo

Baby Kangaroos Video Gallery Pictures :

Cute Baby In mothers Pocket Photo
Cute Baby In mothers Pocket Photo
Australia 2002 - Red Kangaroo mum with her joey. Excuse the harsh light, it was mid-afternoon!

Beautiful Cute Baby Video Gallery Picture
Beautiful Cute Baby Video Gallery Picture
Closeup of kangaroo baby sitting comfortably in mother's pocket, Phillip island, Australia

Baby Kangaroo Photograph Maybe
Baby Kangaroo Photograph Maybe

Baby Kangaroo Pics
Baby Kangaroo Pics

Animals Video's : KANGAROO (REMI GAILLARD) Views : 11,870,833 views

Kangaroo vs Dingo Video views: 522,054

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