Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olivera Stojanovska and Paco get new vehicle from Macedonia

Posted: 28 Feb 2010 08:17 AM PST

Olivera Stojanovska and paco from macedonia, she have a nice giant schnauzer calling Paco.
She just bought a new vehicle calling Skoda Yeti. She can bring Paco go to any where.

Olivera Stojanovska is my facebook friend.

By Clement


In Loving Memory for Peanut from Darmark 05/04-2001 – 26/02-2010

Posted: 28 Feb 2010 04:55 AM PST

In Loving Memory for Peanut 05/04-2001 – 26/02-2010, Peanut from Darmark Family, Her owner is Julie Sander Lindgren, she is my friend from Facebook. Peanut was sick due to illness, It was hard the decision to euthanize dog is one of the hardest you'll have to make, but it's the most humane way to say goodbye to old friend who's in pain.
Take your friend yourself, wrapped in her favorite blanket with a favorite toy or treat. Remember, the last sensations your dog will experience are the sound of your voice and your reassuring smell, the things she loved during her life. Rest in peace.

By Clement

Last words from your Mom :
- my dear , my love, my companion through life.
Our life together has been with love from the first sight. When I got sick with bad kidneys and nearly died , not once but two times, the thought of you and Mingo , brought me back from the dark tunnels of my life.
With you eyes of understanding my hurt, and licking the tears from my eyes, you have been my true companion all the way through. You made me smile on a rainy day , and I use to sing : " You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when sky's are grey.
You never notice how much I love you -
please don't take my sunshine away."
The 26 of feb. 2010 , my sunshine was taken away , it's cold and Im freezing. But Im still breathing, Im still breathing , Im still breathing,- even though my heart stopped beating when you died. My heart is ripped to thousand pieces, and Im so afraid I can't heal. The aching in my body , my mind and my broken heart, is not going away, even though I try to go one with my life.
I have to be there for the others , for Mingo , she misses you like crazy , and I don´t know if she knows.
The empty pillows and blankets were you alway lay on , is empty and the screaming silence , seems so loud in my ears, only my aching heart is to be heart. I love you more than any word can say or any poem or song can express, I hope you know that.

You where the little one, "lille", "Pretty" , " Mohi" and "Prettypooh", sweet child have manny names, and you were our "kind" of child, because I couldn't get any children of my own. Maybe that is why letting you go is hurting so much more.
Now you rest beside Isabel in the garden you love so much. Risby is where you have to take your last journey across the Rainbow Bridge in to the gates of heaven.

Please wait for us till we see you again , and forgive me the choice I made to let you go. Even though people say , that was for your best , and it was !!, I never will come to term with playing God. Who am I , to decide who should live or die. I feel so guilty ! Guilty that I did not discover your illness before to late. That I didn't tell the vet about the lump I have found. That I didn't think enough of it. I hate myself everyday not have done you right , and been a so selfish. I should have known, I should have seen , that you had a bad day. I did not !
My love for you will never die, and you will be forever in my heart, I'll never forget you. I beg you to watch over our Twins and be their guardian angle. I have learn my lesson, and I promised you I will never make the same mistake again.

This is goodbye – I have to let you go, even though my heart is aching, my tears is running down my cheeks. We will see each other again – I Promise – I Promise you, and then I will never leave you again – I promised.
My sweet little Peanut, my eternal love will be with you and guide you through the tunnels of darkness till you reach the shining light that you deserve . Be in peace my love – I will hold you in my arms in my dreams, kiss you like I use to – till we meet again…… I love you…. see you soon…. my love…. my Peanut

By Julie Sander Lindgren


My dog treat keep in freezer for more frash

Posted: 27 Feb 2010 10:57 PM PST


My dog treat keep in freezer for more frash and last longer the quality. It avoid for high humility from room temperature. One of freezer slot is belong to my dogs!

By Me


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