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benefits of sea cucumbers

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 04:51 AM PST

benefits of sea cucumbers

Sea cucumbers are marine animals that have several advantages and is useful in curing various diseases.

According to nutrition experts from Malaysia Walter Kee Mun Yee, said that in the sea cucumber contains collagen, MPS (mucopolusacarida), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid).

MPS on sea cucumbers in the form of kondritin sulfas useful in restoring and building joint cartilage tissue. The compound was also given the mucus at the cell wall.

While EPA and DHA, is called an omega-3 long-chain fatty acids. DHA and EPA are found in many marine animals.

According to nutritionists, Dr. Uken Soetrisno, DHA and EPA on the sea cucumber serves to enhance the growth of intelligence and the node - the node nerve or ganglion.

according to dr. Luki Kartadinata beneficial DHA and EPA in brain growth and circulation, "

Another function of the active compounds, according to Dr. Retno Purwanti Imelda EPA and Omega 3 as a solvent of cholesterol, especially the LDL (known as bad cholesterol). If untreated high cholesterol in humans can cause heart disease.

According to Dr. Djaja MD Zen is very good cucumber extracts given to pregnant women, not children. "in some specific studies, DHA is not very potent when the baby is born (DHA)

But if you think, Dr. Uken Soetrisno said, in addition to pregnant women, DHA is either given to children under 2 years old. But must be kept balanced nutrition. Because, in this world there is no complete super food, "said doctoral Nutrition Oregon State University alumnus.

Also rich in sea cucumbers copper content. copper is very good in the regeneration of cells damaged so that the skin will become younger.

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