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Goldfish Diseases - How To Spot Them, Treat Them, And Hopefully Prevent Them

Posted: 23 Mar 2010 07:03 AM PDT

Goldfish Diseases - How To Spot Them, Treat Them, And Hopefully Prevent Them
by: Mark Sturge

Many small animals and fish are susceptible to diseases and once infected, have greatly shortened life spans.

A goldfish can get sick if his tank is dirty, the water and oxygen levels are too low, the temperatures are too warm or too cool and if he is not being fed properly. Even if you are an excellent and doting parent, sometimes your goldfish might get sick for reasons unknown. Prevention and early detection are the best ways to help Goldie fight the urge to float upside-down.

There are many diseases that goldfish owners should be prepared to treat. They may not be pretty and you might be a little uneasy at first when attempting to identify them, but for the sake of your goldfish take the time to learn about and become familiar with parasite identities.

Skin Flukes are tiny worms that reside in the gill area of fish, consuming the skin cells and causing the fish to itch. Fish have a tendency to rub up against hard objects in attempts to relieve the itching, resulting in red and swollen gill areas. Relief and a cure can be found at pet stores.

Anchor Worm is a contagious parasite that attaches itself to the sides, head or mouth of the fish and is contracted by the ingestion of infection live food. The worm looks like a piece a green, brown or white thread dangling from the goldfish and can cause sore blood spots once it has entered into the flesh. Medicines are available for curing this disease.

Ich is the most common parasite that attacks fish with lowered immune systems. Introduction your fish to a new environment is enough to weaken immune systems and thus is a frequent cause of Ich in fish. Little white bumps will appear all over an infected fish, causing him to itch and gasp for air. Medication is readily available at pet stores and should be administered as soon as possible.

Tail or Fin Rot is a disease that causes damage and fraying to the fish's tail and fins, and is normally brought on by poor water conditions and high levels of ammonia and nitrites. Medication can be purchased at your local pet store.

There are plenty of different diseases, parasites and fungal infections out there just waiting to attack your poor defenseless goldfish. By monitoring and properly caring for your pet, you will improve your goldfish's chances of avoiding illness.

About The Author

Mark Sturge is webmaster of http://www.goldfish-answers.com A site where you can learn all about goldfish care and the nasty goldfish diseases that can be traumatic for you and your fish.

canvas wood frame maintenance pond catfish

Posted: 22 Mar 2010 08:55 PM PDT

canvas wood frame maintenance pond catfish

maintenance of channel catfish ponds can be done on canvas. wooden frame used for the pool tarp can be made as model examples as well drawing.

Benefits maintenance catfish in the pond loop tarps in use that is easy. Easy feeding, harvesting easier.

pool tarp used is an alternative to raising fish in ponds in addition to the wall or the ground, and are suitable for people who do not have land or a large pond.

Gambar rangka kayu bak terpal pemeliharaan ikan lele

Posted: 22 Mar 2010 08:13 AM PDT

Gambar rangka kayu bak terpal pemeliharaan ikan lele

pemeliharaan ikan lele bisa dilakukan pada kolam / bak terpal. rangka kayu yang digunakan untuk bak terpal bisa dibuat seperti model contoh gambar disamping.

Keuntungan pemeliharaan ikal lele pada bak terpal yaitu mudah dalam pengoperasionalan. Pemberian pakan mudah, panen mudah.

bak terpal digunakan merupakan sebuah alternatif pemeliharaan ikan selain pada kolam tembok atau tanah, dan cocok digunakan pada masyarakat yang tidak mempunyai lahan atau kolam yang luas.

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