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What Your Momma Never Told You About Online Press Releases

Posted: 02 May 2010 02:49 AM PDT

What Your Momma Never Told You About Online Press Releases
by: Keith Baxter
Copyright 2005 Keith Baxter

If you market ANYTHING online, you need to send out an online press release. They are easy to write and can potentially bring you much desired media publicity… which, in most cases, will increase sales.

But that's not what this article is about.

I'm going to show you how using low cost online press release services will get your sites indexed into the major search engines fast.

The Strategy:

Write a simple online press release and submit it to

When writing your press release, be sure to add include your URL at least twice on the body of the release with your primary keyword as anchor text, and then once again in your signature.

Sounds simple, huh? It is… but I'm going to break it down into 9 easy as taking candy from a baby steps.

The How To:

1. Write your press release. There's software available which is intuitive to use and will guide you through the proper process

2. Once written, double-check it for errors.

3. Register for an account on

4. Once registered, you will automatically be logged in. Now click 'Submit News Release'.

5. Input your release into the appropriate fields.

6. Click 'Save Press Release'.

7. You will be taken to page offering upgrades. While not necessary, you will gain MAXIMUM benefit using the $80 submission service. I want to stress again that this is entirely optional and NOT necessary. I personally use the $10 option.

8. If you choose any of the paid services, input your credit card information, then hit continue.

9. Once payment is processed, you're done!

If you want to categorize your submitted releases, you can do that on the page following payment acceptance.

When I implemented this strategy, I had Inktomi visit my site within 2 days, then Google and MSN within a week after that.

This service not only distributes your message to the media, but provides additional links back to your site and is regularly crawled by all major search engines.

About the author:
This article has been authored by Keith Baxter, the founder of http://www.topkeywordlists.comIf you wish to maximize your Adsense income and learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website from the search engines, visit the site now.

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When AdSense Goes AWOL

Posted: 02 May 2010 02:44 AM PDT

When AdSense Goes AWOL
by: Diane Nassy
No matter how hard you work to optimize your page, there are going to be times when Google just can't figure out which AdSense ad to deliver, so it defaults to delivering a PSA (Public Service Ad) instead.

Now I don't have any problem with charities, but I give to the ones that I choose to give to. Since I don't have a non-profit license of my own, the goal of my web site is to make money and I depend on Google AdSense revenues to help pay my bills. Someday I want it to fund my retirement as well, so I can't afford to have non-revenue PSAs showing up on my site.

The good news is the Google understands the human's basic greedy nature, so it provides us with an alternative to donating our precious web real estate to charitable organizations. That alternative is known as AdSense Alternate Ads.

As strange as it seems, this feature allows you to let Google competitors into your site. Don't worry, Google is allowing it with their eyes wide open. They even tell you how to set up the alternate ad code to work on your site and they let you do it right in your AdSense control panel.

Once you add the code to your site, Google will pull ads from whatever service you defined rather than serve a PSA. Google will do that even if those ads are coming from Yahoo, or Overture, or your grandmother's attic.

This goes a long way towards ensuring that you never lose an opportunity to monetize a visitor's time spent on your site. How nice it is of Google to gives us that opportunity.

Who do you choose?

Ah, now that's the big question. Most people head straight for Overture or Yahoo, but there are other fish in the sea worth considering. In fact, some of these fish make their living almost solely by serving replacement ads for PSAs. Run this search ( on Google and you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Why bother?

Sometimes Google doesn't have any ads in its inventory to match your site's keywords. Sometimes Google gets confused and can't figure out which ads to deliver, so it grabs a PSA ad.

Google also has a not-so-readily-available list of what it calls "stop words". When the Google AdSense spiders detect these words on your page they automatically trigger PSAs. Some of the more commonly known words include severe profanity (think: George Carlin's 7 Words You Can't Say on T.V), as well as other words which may very be quite legitimate for your site such as pharmaceutical, drugs, death, dying, abortion, and the list goes on and on. At least we THINK that it goes on and on but no one really knows for sure outside of a trusted few Google staffers.

But no matter what the reason, you don't want non-revenue ads running on your site. There's no excuse when Google makes it so easy to keep the revenue flowing.

About the author:
Diane provides marketing and internet profit tips.
For more Google AdSense tips, visit
Email :

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Cooking Tips for Gas Grills to make Grilling Quicker, Easier and Tastier

Posted: 01 May 2010 08:43 AM PDT

Cooking Tips for Gas Grills to make Grilling Quicker, Easier and Tastier
by: Chef Todd Mohr

Grilling, like any basic cooking method, can be mastered. These cooking tips for gas grills will get you started on the road to expert grilling any time of year. Although most people see it as easy, grilling is actually one of the most challenging basic cooking methods. If cooking is like driving a car, grilling is like being strapped to a rocket ship! Since grilling is an intense form of direct heat cooking, controlling the heat can be tricky. This presents the greatest challenge to home cooks. As the weather starts to get nicer and the great outdoors beckons, attention starts to turn to outdoor cooking - and gas barbeque grills can't be beat for simplicity and convenience. Now more than ever, smart home cooks are looking for the best cooking tips for gas grills to make their work faster and easier - and their results better. But grilling only becomes EASY when you know these simple cooking tips for gas grills that are guaranteed to improve your results.

Preparing Recipes for the Grill

When preparing recipes for the grill, the most important thing to consider is how the grilling method of cooking acts differently on different types of foods. To begin, careful product selection is extremely important. Marinating meats when making recipes for the grill is the best way to apply some tenderizing properties before cooking because the grill will not tenderize meats. You must start with a tender product if you want to end with a tender product. You want to also make sure the product you choose will be able to withstand direct high-heat cooking. Different products will handle this differently and some are just not the best choice for standard grilling. A very delicate fish, such as tilapia, will not perform very well on the grill because the high heat may burn the outside of the fish before the inside cooks at all. Vegetables all cook at different rates, too, depending on their texture and fimness. When cooking different combinations of vegetables together (as in skewering), you will achieve far better results by par-cooking the "harder" items prior to skewering so that all vegetables are the correct done-ness at the same time.

Once you have considered the differences in the types of foods you will be grilling and preparing them accordingly, the basic procedure for creating recipes for the grill is the same across the board. First, heat up the grill as hot as it can get. Brush the food item with the oil of your choice and place it on the hot grates - presentation side down. Leave the cover open and let the item cook. After a few minutes inspect the item. You are looking for the item to start to brown around the edges and to see pink (almost clear) moisture bubbling up to the top. This will be your signal that the item is 75% cooked on one side and that is the time to flip it. Do not use a fork to flip the item and do not puncture it in any way. This will allow precious juices to escape, drying out your product. The ONLY way to know when your product is finished cooking is with a thermometer - testing internal temperature. Because there will be some carry-over cooking, remove the item 5-10 degrees BEFORE the desired final internal temperature.

A Gas Grill Cooking Twist

Although GRILLING is always done with the lid cover open, gas grill cooking can incorporate additional cooking methods that make it preferable to cook with the grill cover closed. With the grill lid closed, the grill changes from a CONDUCTIVE cooking vehicle to a CONVECTIVE cooking one - more like your oven. Of course you could just use your oven for using these cooking methods, but outdoor cooking does have some advantages over indoor cooking - particularly in warmer weather. So how do you turn your dry heat, direct source cooking vehicle (the grill) into one that can utilize a moist convective cooking process? It's actually a pretty cool technique for gas grill cooking. This is a trick I use most often with delicate fish, such as tilapia. First, I turn the heat OFF on the side of the grill that my tilapia will cook. Then, I add a pan of water to the bottom of the other side of the grill - right on top of the heat elements. Keep in mind that this "water" can be any kind of liquid you like. I use shrimp stock sometimes with fish, but you can season it with chicken broth, wine - anything that is liquid and imparts nice, complimentary flavors to the product you are cooking. Then, the fish is placed either directly on the grill (if you have a flat grate option) or you can put it in a cast iron pan and put it on the grill grates. The rest of the procedure for this type of gas grill cooking follows the normal grilling process - cook with your eyes and observations, flip after 75% done, use a thermometer to determine final temperature and remove a bit "early" to allow for the carry-over cooking that occurs. And that's it, now you can consider gas grill COOKING in addition to standard GRILLING for great outdoor cooking results.

Gas Barbeque Grills vs Charcoal Grills

You will hear from many self-proclaimed GRILLMASTERS that the traditional charcoal grill is far superior to the gas barbeque grill, but the gas grill has many advantages that make it a great choice for any outdoor cooking situation. I will admit that the charcoal grill provides opportunity for a deep, smoky flavor that is not fully achievable with the gas barbeque grill, but after that all of the "pros" go into the gas grill's column. For starters, the gas grill is much easier and safer to start because it uses propane as fuel and starts at the press of a button. Charcoal grills can be easily started with lighter fluid, but this can be dangerous, and can impart an undesirable taste into the food. Plus, the gas grill turns OFF as easily as it turned on! No waiting for coals to cool so that you can empty and clean the grill and no messy coals to dispose of. The other nice thing about gas barbeque grills is that they allow for consistent heat throughout the cooking process. With the charcoal variety, the cook has to really control the heat by actually moving products closer and further and this takes some practice and experience.

These cooking tips for gas grills seem simple but they truly are the difference between great grilling results and disappointing meals. The next time you get ready to grill, remember that careful product selection and a basic understanding of cooking methods is all you need to master the barbeque grill, creating outdoor meals and memories for life.

About The Author
Chef Todd Mohr is a classically trained chef, entrepreneur, educator, and the creator and host of the "Cooking Coarse" video series. Chef Todd's simple philosophy - burn your recipes and learn how to really cook - has helped many home cooks finally achieve success in the kitchen. Visit to view over 170 FREE cooking videos and to get the FREE monthly ezine Burn Your Recipes - with cooking ideas, instruction, tips and the latest trends in food and cooking.

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