Monday, May 24, 2010

In Loving Memory for Jacky from Malaysia 05/09-2001 – 11/04-2010

Posted: 24 May 2010 08:06 AM PDT

Golden Retriever is my childhood dream to get a dog. I started my first job after. Jacky is a sharing pocket money with my sister and I bought him home from the pet store. He was born in 2001, September 5, he and my birthday on September 4 a difference of 1 day, and this is I love and feel how wonderful and meaningful and to celebrate birthday. I still remember when he was 7 weeks time, his chubby appearance, large eyes, simple-minded, like, really Jiaoren put it down, wait for them to immediately take him home. He is the first dog to accompany me through joys and sorrows of life have also changed my life. Our margin on from the beginning. When he came to my house on day 1, was busy taking care of his daily diet, training, toilet and so on. One went off work to go home immediately, I just want to play with him, what is not reasonable, can not wait to go to work every day with him, play. Particularly good mood. Increase the number of home atmosphere.
When he was 6 months old, I started to take him to training classes learn basic obedience training. And he is very brisk, agile, lively and intelligent, to learn. I still remember, when he graduated obedience Course, also is a big generous in around the age of, MKA host dog obedience competition, I will take part in a competition. Also live together with luck everyone hope will be temporary, and we won the national first four! This is our first game Yeah, it really makes me incredibly Yeah! Then every game, he never let me down, always among the best in the former three, and won many awards. His reputation is also well known. As a master of me, proud and glorious.
Human and dog, along really a very profound knowledge. To give love and time, care, patience, tolerance, training, and many more bits and pieces. This dog want to know what? They want what? What they need?

Original monotonous life, since Jacky’s join my social circle; my life from infected colorful colors especially in the dog sector. I have to admit that Jacky’s help to strengthen my self-confidence and career. No Jacky’s, not Steven Tan in the dog world!!
Before I go to Taiwan (11Arp2010), I have promised to him, so he retired and plan to take him to Kelantan in August vacation, but did not last long in, Jacky’s … he was sick he was tired .. down, he only accompanied me for 10 years, left me! This fight really makes me unacceptable. Maybe he is really tired! Take a long, long time to rest stop! No longer with us anymore!

By TRANSLATION : Clement, revised by ORIGIN : Steven Tan

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