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Pet taxi services help get pets from here to there

Posted: 03 Jun 2010 08:25 PM PDT

pet taxiOne of the services a lot of pet sitters offer is pet taxi services. They’ll help dogs, cats, and other pets get to where they need to go when their people can’t do it themselves. It might be a visit to the veterinarian, groomer, dog daycare, or even drop off or pickup from the airport. For most pet sitters, pet taxi is an extra service they offer for the convenience of their clients. There are an increasing number of businesses out there though, that offer pet taxi as their main service. Paws Around Chicago is one such business.

Ted Castro founded Paws Around Chicago LLC, a pet transportation service, in 2002 after overhearing clients at the veterinary hospital where he worked complain about the poor customer service they received with another transport service.

Why pet transportation? Many of Castro's clients are elderly residents who can no longer drive or wrangle a larger breed dog into a vehicle for a trip to the vet. Pet owners without cars find it tricky to transport a pet to the airport or to a veterinary hospital with limited public transportation options. For sick or injured pets, a spacious vehicle reassures owners that their pet is as comfortable as possible for trips to medical specialists for ultrasounds or surgery.

Paws Around Chicago bills itself as “full service,” which means entering the client's home and crating a wily feline or leashing a dog as well as providing transportation.


Paws Around Chicago generated approximately $120,000 in sales in 2009, and has been growing about 10 percent each year since the business started. However, Castro has made changes over the years to stay competitive, especially during the recession.

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Before using a pet taxi service, you’ll want to know a little about the company taking care of your cat, dog or other pet. Here are some of the questions you’ll want to ask:

  • Is the company insured in case of an accident?
    Many companies such as Pet Sitters Associates and Business Insurers of the Carolinas offer this type of insurance.
  • Will your pets be secured while in the vehicle?
    Ideally, your pet should be in a crate that is fastened down in some way.
  • Will your pet ever be left in an unattended vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle climate controlled?
  • How often is the vehicle disinfected?
  • Does the company have a policy prohibiting the driver from taking calls and texting while driving?
  • Is the driver or any other staff riding in the vehicle trained in pet first aid?

Keep in mind that some pet taxi services will transport you and your pet. This is especially convenient for the elderly, those who rely on public transportation, and others who cannot drive for whatever reason.

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