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September is National Pet Health Insurance Month

Posted: 16 Aug 2010 08:48 AM PDT

North American Pet Health Insurance AssociationIf you’ve read my blog lone enough you know I’m a huge advocate of pet health insurance. It’s given me the peace of mind and financial help I so desperately needed for my dog Lydia and my cat Tequila – who have both battled cancer. Lydia is a cancer survivor while Tequila wasn’t as fortunate. My other dog, Archie, has also had some health issues, but thankfully nothing as severe as cancer. (See this post for a breakdown of how health insurance helped with Lydia’s care.)

Having pet health insurance (with Petplan) for all of my pets (my family members!) means I’ve been able to take care of them without worrying about my bank account. And, in Tequila’s case that’s been huge. I didn’t have to hold back treatment based on finances, which means I don’t have that “what if” in the back of my head. I know we did all we could for her.

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month, and to celebrate the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) is having a contest. They’re asking those of us who have pet health insurance for our cats and dogs to write a story about how it has helped when our pets needed it most. Prizes include money and iPads.

NAPHIA is also asking people to nominate their favorite veterinarian, and tell why that vet deserves the honor. The winning veterinarian will receive an educational grant and a plaque. I have a few favorite veterinarians – I’m not sure how I’d choose!

The goal of NAPHIA isn’t just to give away cool stuff – although they’re certainly doing that. They want to educate pet owners about the importance of pet health insurance, while at the same time work to constantly improve the industry. You can read all about their mission and goals on their website, so go checkout the NAPHIA website, read about the contest, and tell them about your pet and your vet! The deadline for entries is September 15.

You’ll also find the North American Pet Health Insurance Association on Facebook.

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