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VIN recall center lists pet food and other veterinary recalls

Posted: 28 Sep 2010 08:00 PM PDT

The Veterinary Information Network has a new recall center on their website. The recall center will list pet food recalls, pet medication, and other veterinary products.

Created in response to requests from VIN members, the VIN Recall Center is a tool that tracks food and product recalls that impact veterinary medicine. A standing link to the recall center will also be posted on the VIN News Service’s public home page as well as its internal folder in the online community.

In the event of a major recall, notice will appear in a variety of locations with links to official information. The VIN Recall Center provides access to government and association websites that list recalls and information on where to sign up for electronic notifications.
The VIN Recall Center is designed to fill the profession’s need for timely notifications. Although manufacturers usually make efforts to contact veterinarians, gaps in their communications systems sometimes mean that veterinarians do not learn of a recall until days or weeks after it’s been instituted. Moreover, the way practitioners come across alerts appears to be random.

For example, one veterinarian reported on VIN that he learned of a recent recall of several Iams dry pet food products via the social networking site Facebook. Another practitioner reported seeing an alert on a television news crawl. Still, others didn't know about it even though it was posted on VIN message boards because they didn't read the discussions.

Read the rest of VIN unveils recall center for veterinarians, consumers.

I’m really pleased to see this new resource for recall information! As the article points out, veterinarians don’t always get the recall information in a timely manner. But since the Veterinary Information Network is a website many veterinarians use as a resource, I’m sure the recall center will make a difference. So, next time you visit your vet, ask if he/she knows about the recall center. Hopefully the answer is yes, but if not, you’ll be doing them, and other pet owners a favor.

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