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Picture of two dalmatian puppies, cute dogs

Two Dalmatian puppies

None of the breed is no more interesting stories than that of a Dalmatian – a dog, originating from ancient times. Its roots go so deep into the past is that experts can not come to a consensus about its origin. With regard to this ancient breed, the researchers strongly agree that it is no change took place over many centuries.
Based on the available prints, sculptures, paintings and written evidence developed different views – this spotted dog first appeared in Europe, Asia and Africa. These differences can be explained by the fact that these dogs are often found in the gypsy camp and they, like their owners, the Gypsies are not tied to one place. Reputable dog breeders consider their homeland of Dalmatia, the region in the west near the Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia, which had (from 1815 to 1919) was a province of Austria. Although this dog is credited with a dozen nationalities and as many local names – the English called it “an English Karetnaya dog”, “pudding with prunes”, “Fire
dog “and” calico dog “- its proper name Dalmatian, it is connected with its first documented by home. Mention of this breed as a dalmatian, we find in the documents the middle of XVII century. There is no doubt that the origin of rocks as old as that of other breeds

Picture of Male Dalmatian breed dog

Dalmatian breed dog

Dalmatian used for guarding the border of Dalmatia and Croatia, as well as a plow horse and cattle dog. It perfectly catches rats and preys on predators. Dalmatian heroically distinguished himself by working in the fire brigades, and was thus a living mascot for firemen. It has been used to hunt birds, to hunt down  game in a pack – to hunt boar and deer. Retentive memory made a Dalmatian one of the most reliable performers in the circus or on stage. For years, intelligence and efficiency Dalmatian allowed to use it as a service dog.
Among all of his abilities is one the most important, has earned him a reputation as one and only dog ??- to run alongside horse-carriage. We can assume that follow chariots Dalmatian began back in Egypt, as evidenced by engravings depicting spotted dog with cropped ears and a collar with a brass padlock engaged by its natural crafts – maintenance and protection of horse-drawn carriage

puppy dalmatian looking down

Cute Dalmatian puppy

Physically he is fit for long life on the road. Agility and endurance combine it with beauty. The Dalmatian has enough strength and energy to vigorously follow the crew. This instinct is innate, fixed for many centuries. He gets used to the horse, like a duck to water, but the horse gets used to it. Dalmatian can, with dignity and determination to clear the path before a great crew, drawn by four horses, or to accompany the crew, giving it the grandeur of their ermine spots. It can run under the back or under the front axle of the crew or that the most difficult, under the drawbar between the front of horses and the shaft. No matter how he worked, he does it with all my heart, with skill, which ensured him the reputation as the only dog ??in the world, accompanying the crew. Dedication – its most recognized feature.
There is no more beautiful a dog than a mottled animal with a smooth white hair, painted clearly defined round spots of jet-black or dark brown. It is not similar to any other breed, because of its unique color. This is a dog with a strong body, a beautiful spotted coat color and distinctive appearance. Bright spots were the culmination of a Dalmatian careful breeding over many centuries.
His aristocratic looks are not at odds with his demeanor, as the Dalmatian first gentleman. It is a peaceful creature – the ideal guard who is a connoisseur when barking for fun, and when in the case. With invited guests he was very polite, but you are always ready to protect the owner and give a fitting rebuff to the enemy – is a sensitive and reliable keeper. Dalmatian - Dog is not for everyone, because not every fan can uncover and use hidden in it an excellent working qualities and mind, even if it is to treat the dog with great love. Fashion has not changed a Dalmatian. The puppy is born pure white, early formed, does not require relief ears or tail. The Dalmatian is ready for hunting or for the show ring in the form in which it has created nature. It is extremely hardy, suitable for any climate, it’s easy to contain – requires only minimal maintenance, because it is a healthy, neat and clean dog

Dalmatian breed dogs posing for picture

Picture of two dalmatian dogs posing for photo

Dalmatian. Official Standard
Approved July 11, 1989

General view. Dalmatian - a dog with a characteristic Crapo, with a balanced character, energetic, strong, muscular and agile, without a shadow of timidity, with an intelligent expression of her eyes, harmoniously combined, without coarseness. It is very hardy and faster.
Deviations from the ideal described in the standard shall be punished in direct proportion to the severity of this deviation.

Growth, proportion, composition. Height: 48 – 58.5 cm
Square format (the length of the body from humeroscapular joint to point of buttock approximately equal to the height at the withers). The backbone of a strong and sturdy, but not rude.
Faults: Height at the withers higher or lower than specified in the standard.
ELIMINATING FAULTS: withers height above 61 cm

Head is proportional to the total addition of the dog. Expression in his eyes lively and intelligent, indicating a balanced and sociable character. Eyes moderately wide set, medium size, somewhat rounded, rather deep set. Eye color brown, or blue (with different saturation), the darker the better. In dogs with black spots eyes are usually darker than in dogs with liver spots. Ears of medium size, with a broad base, gradually narrowed to a rounded end, hanging, tightly to the head, placed rather high, thin to the touch. When alert the upper edge of Ear departs from her cheeks outwards. Cranial vault is flat, with a slight vertical groove in the middle. The transition from forehead to muzzle is moderately expressed. Cheeks are moving smoothly in a strong muzzle with a straight nasal bridge. The skull and muzzle are parallel. Length of muzzle equal to length of skull. Nose fully pigmented, in dogs with black spots, it is black, in dogs with liver spots – brown. The lips are dry and tight. Scissor bite.
Flaws: ectropion, entropion eyelid, trichiasis (proliferating third eyelid); incomplete pigmentation of the eyelids; incomplete pigmentation of the nose.
ELIMINATING FAULTS: Overshot or undershot

Picture of female dalmatian dog, dalmatian breed dog

Female Dalmatian breed dog

Neck, Topline, Body. The neck is nicely arched, fairly long, without dewlap, smoothly into the withers. Topline: Straight. Chest deep, body, moderately broad. Ribs prominent, but not barrel shaped. Brisket reaches to the elbows. Underline gradually rises. The back is straight and strong. Loin short, muscular and slightly arched. Up flanks. The croup is nearly on par with his back. The tail is a natural extension of the topline, thick at the base, tapering to a close, comes to the hock. The tail is not docked. Dog holds its tail below the backline. End of tail is slightly curved upwards.
Faults: tail “ring”, set low, that was cast over the back tail.

Forequarters. Vanes with flat muscles, oblique. Shoulder length is the length of the scapula. Shoulder and shoulder blade articulated at an angle sufficient to paw came under the withers. Elbows close to the body. Forearms are straight, strong, with strong bones. Pasterns slightly sloping, elastic.

Hindquarters strong, with moderate relief, but well-defined muscles. The angle of the knee joint is expressed. Hocks low omitted. When viewed from the rear limbs are parallel to each other.
Faults: Cow hocks limbs.
Feet round and compact with thick, elastic pads and well arched toes enough. In dogs with black Crapo nails black and / or white, and in dogs with hepatic Crapo – brown and / or white. The dewclaws may be removed. Faults: Flat feet.

Coat is short, thick, thin and skintight, shiny and healthy looking.
Flaws: curly, silky hair

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