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Barbados Black Belly Sheep

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 08:23 PM PST

1Barbados Black Belly Sheep 011 Barbados Black Belly Sheep

Barbados Black Belly sheep is a type of sheep are bred and developed in the Caribbean region. There is a possibility that these sheep are descended from African Lamb. Sheep are bred for meat.

2Barbados Black Belly Sheep 02 Barbados Black Belly Sheep

Barbados Black Belly sheep breed developed in America as well. In America these sheep are crossed with the type Mouflon and Rambouillet sheep, crossbreeding of the two produce similar types of sheep with black sheep belly berbados but have horns. Barbados Black Belly Sheep result of crossing a sheep that has a good stamina to withstand the hot weather, these sheep do not have thick hair types of wool, but just plain rough hair.

3Barbados Black Belly Sheep 03 Barbados Black Belly Sheep

Barbados Black Belly sheep breed throughout the year, but its development is slower compared to other sheep. They are very tolerant to disease and parasites. These sheep have a color range from light brown to dark mahogany red, with black stripes on the face and black legs, abdomen, inguinal region, chin, and chest.

cultivation of corn

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 07:50 PM PST

6the correct way of planting corn 06 cultivation of corn

Seed quality is a key condition to obtain maximum yields. Called quality seed; kind of pure, pithy, dry, healthy, disease-free and grass seed mixtures that are not desired. These criteria usually produce healthy plants, sturdy, robust and uniform growth.

Good land is dry land, sufficient water, rainfed land, peatlands have been repaired or used for wetland rice. In order to grow and produce well Corn should be planted in open areas exposed to full sunlight for 8 hours.

Although ideally require a pH of 6.8 but can be tolerant maize crop land pH of 5.5 – 7.0. If there is soil pH is too low can be raised with a sprinkling of lime. Then to make it more efficient, its application can be undertaken in conjunction with land management. After sowing, hoeing and watering the land for lime can be mixed evenly. Lime requirement depends strongly on the initial pH value of the land. As a rule, for one hectare of land which has a pH of 5.0 is needed lime between 2 to 4 tons. If the pH is too high or alkaline land, it can be derived by sprinkling sulfur. But this is done if the pH value of land is very high which is 8.0 or 9.0

5the correct way of planting corn 05 cultivation of corn
Before the corn is planted, the land needs to be cleared of weeds and wild plants. Weeds such as alang alang grass puzzles, bushes and shrubs trees weeded down to the root of the root. The weeds were burned, his ashes sprinkled into the land as compost for soil fertility. Weeds should not be buried, because it feared the emergence of pests such as termites and ants. In addition, alang alang grass and puzzles can grow back if only buried in the soil. In addition to weeds, trees big trees growing around the land and potentially block the entry of sunlight; to maize photosynthesis process, also need to be felled.

Ground-breaking is done by moving the soil as deep as the bottom 15 to 20 cm onto the land surface. In addition to balancing the availability of nutrients between the bottom and top of the land, ground-breaking is also intended to make the soil more crumbs and loose. For land that has a kind of loose soil or former seasonal crops, cultivation is done only once. Meanwhile, for the land that have heavy soil, ground-breaking should be done two times and then raked. If the land is tilled too extensive, ground-breaking can be replaced with a plow for his execution may be faster.

4the correct way of planting corn 04 cultivation of corn
Fertilization is intended to increase the content of nutrients in cropping land. Timing of fertilizer, the most effective except in conjunction with ground-breaking moment or piracy could also be given time will make the planting hole. In this way, given fertilizer will be mixed evenly with the planting of land. As a guideline for 1 hectare of land needed 12-15 liters of fertilizer.

3the correct way of planting corn 03 cultivation of corn
Deep planting hole is made between 2 to 5 cm using Portugal, which is a tool made of logs long pointed tip. Hole distance is 20 x 20 cm or 20 x 40 cm. For row planting hole is made into a regular, may use aids, rope stretched along the beds. Meanwhile, for seed that is planted in the ditch beds, required distance between holes as long as 20 cm.

2the correct way of planting corn 02 cultivation of corn
To avoid pests and fungi and to stimulate growth with good quality, before planting the first seeds soaked in water that are mixed fertilizer for 30 minutes. Need to be drained after soaking, but does not need to be given fungicide. Planting seeds performed in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is not so hot. After the seed into a hole, the hole was covered again with soil should be light; not need solid. The best time to plant seeds is time for the end of the rainy season when the growth period until well into the issue of fruit, plants still get a supply of water and are expected at harvest time arrives, the dry season has come to facilitate the drying process. Given today’s conditions and the situation in Indonesia is always changing seasons, to ensure the proper schedules, should consult with local agricultural bureau.

1the correct way of planting corn 01 cultivation of corn

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