Monday, March 14, 2011

The Characteristics of Sick Cats

Posted: 14 Mar 2011 08:37 AM PDT

1characteristics of cat sick and unhealthy 01 The Characteristics of Sick Cats

As great-great we treat cats there must be some things that make us finally sick cat. Although we can only minimize but sometimes the cat is still just a cat disease.

One of the main points in the care of a cat is to know when they are sick. That is to see signs of a sick cat. The signs are the same for anything like a cat persian cat, Angora cat or other cats and is also equally good young cat or an older cat.

Here are the characteristics of cats are sick:

  1. Fatigue and lethargy
  2. Shaking his head excessively
  3. Appetite decreased or even increased markedly
  4. Also, excessive water consumption
  5. The presence of abnormal fluid coming out of the holes in the body imitate a cat’s eye, nose, ears, etc..
  6. Difficult to remove dirt
  7. Weight loss can be increased or decreased by striking
  8. Become more aggressive and hyperactive
  9. Limp, even difficult to stand
  10. There were body parts swell cat

You find one of the characteristics of sick cats above. Immediately consult a doctor or at least ask your doctor “whether the cats are sick or not can affect the health of cats”. Because by knowing the signs of how to care for cats is best.

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