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Tobacco Plants

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1Tobacco Plants 012 Tobacco Plants

Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants of the genus Nicotiana. Tobacco can be consumed, used as a pesticide, and in the form of nicotine tartrate can be used as a drug. If consumed, in general, tobacco is made into cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and so forth. Tobacco has long been used as an entheogen in America. The arrival of Europeans to North America popularized the trade in tobacco primarily as a sedative. This popularity led to the growth of the southern United States economy. After the Civil War the United States, changes in labor demand and led to the development of the tobacco industry. This new product is fast becoming the tobacco companies to place scientific controversy in the mid-20th century.

Spanish “Tabaco” is considered as the origin of the word in the language Arawakan, in particular, in the language of the Taino in the Caribbean, mentioned refers to the roll of the leaves on this plant (according to Bartolome de Las Casas, 1552) or it could be from the word “tabago”, a kind y-shaped pipe to inhale tobacco smoke (according to Oviedo, the leaves of tobacco referred to as Cohiba, but Sp. Tabaco (also It. tobacco) is usually used to define medicinal plants since 1410, which comes from the Arabic “tabbaq”, which reportedly existed since the 9th century, as the name of several plants. The word tobacco (in English) can be derived from Europe, and eventually applied to similar plants that originated from America.

2Tobacco Plants 02 Tobacco Plants

- The number of seeds + 8-10 g / ha, depending on spacing.
- Seeds of intact, no disease and no wrinkles
- Media seedling = mixture of soil (50%) + mature manure mixed with Natural GLIO (50%). Dose of fertilizer for each square meter media seedling is 70 grams and 35 grams ZA DS and fill in polybag
- Given the auspices of the nursery beds in the form of leaves, roof 1 m high and 60 cm East side West side.
- The seeds soaked in NASA POC 5 cc per glass of warm water for 1-2 hours ago dry.
- Sprout on the tray / winnowing of straw or paper backed with cloth until slightly damp. Three days later the seedlings are roots showed marked with white spots. At this stage the new seeds can be planted.
- Flush seedling medium to slightly wet or damp, put seeds in a hole as deep as 0.5 cm and thin soil cover.
- Spray the NASA POC (2-3 cap / tank) during the breeding age of 30 and 45 days.
- Seeds are able Transplanting into the garden when aged 35-55 days after sowing.

3Tobacco Plants 032 Tobacco Plants

- Land sprinkled dose of 10-20 tons manure / ha and then plowed and left + 1 week
- Create a bed width of 40 cm and 40 cm high. The distance between beds 90-100 cm in longitudinal direction between east and west.
- Perform calcification if the acid soils
- Flush fertilizer dose: 10-15 bottles / ha
- Alternative 1: 1 bottle of fertilizer diluted in 3 liters of water used as mother liquor. Then every 50 liters of water were given 200 cc of mother liquor had to flush the beds.
Alternative 2: every 1 gembor vol 10 lt pressed given 1 tablespoon of fertilizer to water + 10 m beds.
Natural Spread GLIO 1-2 sachets mixed mature 25-50 kg of manure to the beds evenly

4Tobacco Plants 04 Tobacco Plants

If desired, thin leaves and delicate, the spacing should be meeting, approximately 90 x 70 cm. Madura Tobacco is planted with a distance of 60 x 50 cm planting is done in two rows of plants every gulud. Type of tobacco folk / sliced ​​generally planted with a spacing of 90 x 90 cm and done one row crop plantings every gulud, and the distance between gulud 90 cm or 120 x 50 cm.


Dampen and tear polybags and seedlings buried neck deep roots
Planting time in the morning or late afternoon.


Stitching done 1-3 weeks after planting, poor seed removed and replaced with new seedlings of the same age.

Irrigation and watering

Irrigation is given seven HST = 1-2 lt water / plant, ages 7-25 HST = 3-4 lt / plant, ages 25-30 HST = 4 lt / plant. At the age of 45 HST = 5 liters per plant every 3 days. At age 65 HST watering was stopped, except when the weather is very dry.

5Tobacco Plants 051 Tobacco Plants

Trim the leaves and flower buds armpit every 3 days
Prune when flowers bloom plant shoots with 3-4 leaves below the flower


Picking the leaves of tobacco is good is if the leaves were quite old and has yellowish green yellow. For cigar tobacco group then leaves the polling both at the proper cooking / almost cook it on the mark with grayish color. As for the class of cigarettes at the appropriate level of maturity cook / cook once, if the market wants a smooth krosok done right then plucking ripe. Meanwhile, when the coarse plucking want krosok extended 5-10 days of appropriate maturity level cook.
The leaves are picked from the bottom leaves upward. A good time for picking is in the evening / morning during a sunny day. Harvesting can be done 3-5 days later, with the number of leaves picked only once between 2-4 pieces of each plant. For each plant may be picking as many as 5 times.

Sort of leaves based on leaf color quality are:
a) Trash (reject): black leaf color
b) Slick (slick / smooth): light yellow leaf color
c) Less slick (less liciin): yellow leaf color (such as lemon color)
d) More grany side (slightly rough): a color between yellow and orange leaves.

6Tobacco Plants 06 Tobacco Plants

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