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Lychee Kom

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 07:17 AM PDT

1Lychee Kom 01 Lychee Kom

Kom lychees is lychees lowland derived from a South China adactife in the lowlands and the heat which, according to a story carried by a Chinese merchant ship that pressed in Samut Songkhram Thailand. Family Sapindaceae is a longtime favorite fruit Yang Kuei Fei – a concubine of Emperor Hsuan Tsung the Ming Dynasty in China.

2Lychee Kom 02 Lychee Kom

Almost all most people in the Samut Songkhram kom lychee farming. Bersosok superior varieties of lychee are short and titled compact, fits with its name which means dwarf. Plants proved 20-year-old there was an average of just as high as 4-5 meters only. kom lychee crop was just learning to fruition at approximately age 3-4 years with the transplanted seedlings. In Chedi Bali, with a new age of 10 years just to produce only a few bunch though at age 5 has reached harvest about 25 kg.

Lychee Kom in Samut Songkhram Northern Thailand to grow in gardens which is only tens of kilometers from the sea or the beach and approximately only 50 meters above sea level with the heat reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Because already adapted to tropical climates, different from the varieties of lychees lychees kom plateau. When lychees plateau requires cold air 10-12 degrees at night for about 50-100 hours so that became the origin of flowering fruit, lychees kom only require 30-50 hours with a temperature of 15-20 degrees, said an expert on plants in Thailand.
Hopefully this short note, lychees kom could be your choice for planting in your yard or in the garden because the usual lychees can only bear fruit in the highlands alone. Now lychees kom be the choice for planting in the lowlands and hot ….

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