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Papaya Cultivation

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1pepaya plant and fruit 01 Papaya Cultivation

Plants can be grown in lowland and high 700 – 1000 masl, rainfall 1000 – 2000 mm / year, optimum temperature 22-26 degrees C and humidity about 40% and wind is not too fast is very good for pollination. Soil fertile, friable, containing humus and have a lot to hold water, the ideal soil pH is neutral with a pH 6 -7.

1. Terms of Seeds / Seed
- The seeds are used as seeds taken from fruits that have been cooked properly and comes from the tree of choice. Fruit choice in the split second to take the seeds. Seeds released later washed up to the skin that envelops the seed is wasted then dried in the shade.
- Seeds are used as the seed fresh. Seedlings should not be taken from the fruit that was too ripe / old and not from an old tree.

2. Seed Preparation
60 grams of seed per hectare (2000 ± plants). Seeds were soaked in a solution of the NASA POC 2 cc / liter for 1-2 hours, drained and Natural ditebari GLIO later sowing in polybag size 20 x 15 cm. The medium used is a mixture of 2 buckets of land in the sifter plus 1 bucket of manure that has been cooked and sifted plus 50 grams plus 30 grams of mashed TSP Natural GLIO.

3. Seed seeding technique
- Seed inserted at a depth of 1 cm and then cover with soil. Watered every day. Seeds germinate appeared after 12-15 days. At the height of 15-20 cm or 45-60 days of planting seed.
- The seeds can be planted directly / first sowing. Seeding is done in 2 or 3 months before the seedlings were transferred to a garden nursery.

4. Maintenance Nurseries / seeding
In the nursery the seeds sown in the fly (row) with a distance of 50-10 cm. Seeds should not be submerged in deep, deep enough seed, which is 1 cm. With proper maintenance, the seeds will grow after 3 weeks of planting. NASA POC Spray once a week dose of 2 cap / tank

5. Seed removal

The seeds that have been mature, around age 2-3 months can be moved at the beginning of the rainy season.

2pepaya plant and fruit 02 Papaya Cultivation

1. Preparation

Land cleared of grass, shrubs and other impurities, then hoeing / hijacked and digemburkan.

2. Formation of beds
- Form-sized bed width 200-250 cm, height 20-30 cm, long enough, the distance between beds of 60 cm.
- Create a hole the size of 50 x 50 x 40 cm above the bed, with a spacing of 2 x 2.5 m.

3. Calcification

If the land to be planted with papaya is acidic (pH less than 5), after being given a mature manure, it should be added ± 1 kg Dolomite and allow 1-2 weeks.

4. Fertilization

Prior to fertilizer, soil to be planted with papaya must be dried one week, after it closed with a ground mixture of 3 tin manure that has been cooked or by SUPERNASA.

1. Hole Making Plant
- Planting hole measures 60 x 60 x 40 cm, were excavated in rows. Let the empty holes to get enough sunlight. – - After that the holes were filled with soil mixed with manure 2-3 tin. If manure is not available to be used SUPERNASA kelubang splashed by planting a dose of 1 tablespoon makan/10 lt of water before planting. Hole – a hole that is covered mound of dirt that is left convex 2-3 days until the soil settles. After that new holes are ready for planting. The holes are made 1-2 months over the planting.
- If the seed is planted directly into the garden, then the holes – the planting hole should be dug out first. The holes for planting the seeds must be completed ± 5 months before the rainy season.

2. How Planting

Each hole is filled with 3-4 fruit seeds. A few months later the plant will be visible to the male and female or androgynous.

1. Spacing and stitching
Spacing of plants is to obtain a female plant some trees beside a male. This is done at the time plants begin flowering.

2. Weeding
Papaya garden as well as other orchards, requires weeding (removal of grass). When and how often it must be weeded garden could not be ascertained with the firm, depending on the circumstances.

3. Pembubunan

Papaya garden as well as other orchards, require pendangiran soil. When and how often should didangiri garden could not be ascertained with the firm, depending on the circumstances.

4. Fertilization
Papaya trees require a lot of fertilizer, especially organic fertilizer, providing nutrients needed and to maintain soil moisture.
The way of fertilizer:
- Each week after planting give chemical fertilizer, ZA 50 grams, 25 grams of urea, 50 grams of TSP and 25 grams of KCl, mixed and planted in a circle.
- One month later did the second fertilization ZA at 75 grams, 35 grams of urea, 75 grams of TSP, and 40 grams of KCl
- At the age of 3-5 months to do the third fertilization ZA at 75 grams, 50 grams of urea, 75 gramTSP, 50 g KCl
- Age 6 months and 1 month onwards are fertilized with 100 grams of ZA, 60 grams of urea, 75 gramTSP, and 75 grams of KCl
- Pour SUPERNASA into the planting hole with a dose of 1 tablespoon makan/10 liters of water every 1-2 months
- NASA POC Spray doses of 3 cap / tank every 1-2 weeks after planting until the age of 2-3 months
- After 3 months of age spray with NASA POC 3-4 cap plus HORMONIK dose 1-2 cap / tank.
- Spraying the liver – the liver at the time of flowering so as not to get a blooming flower or a more secure can be poured.

5. Irrigation and Watering
Papaya plants need water but do not hold enough water that flooded. So the irrigation and drainage should be regulated carefully. Especially in areas with a lot of rain and clay landed, it must be made trenches. In the dry season, papaya plants must be frequently watered.

3pepaya plant and fruit 03 Papaya Cultivation

Plant lice (aphids sp., Mites). Subtle body length 2-3 mm, green, yellow or black. Having a pair of bumps on the back of the stomach tube, grouse and long legs. Adult fleas, there are winged and not. Damage plants by sucking the fluid with a vacuum pencucuk long in the mouth.
Control: Spray with Natural BVR or alternately PESTONA
The disease is often detrimental to plant papaya is a disease caused by mold, mosaic virus, fall seeding, rotten fruit, root neck, base of the stem and nematodes.
Disease died bachelor because by the fungus Phytophthora parasitica, P. palmivora and Pythium aphanidermatum. Attacking papaya fruit and stems. How to prevention: a good lawn care, personal hygiene, and drainage and distribute Natural GLIO into the planting hole, while the root rot disease caused by fungus Meloidogyne incognita.
Nematodes. If the land has been planted with papaya, it is suggested not to plant papaya back, to help prevent nematode attack. Plants that are infected by nematodes cause leaf yellowing, wilting and death. Control: Pour PESTONA into the planting hole


1. Characteristics and Harvest Time
Papaya plants can be harvested after 9-12 months old. Papaya fruit should be picked when the fruit was giving signs of maturity: fruit skin color began to turn yellow. But still many farmers who pick the fruit when not too ripe.

2. How to Harvest

Harvest is done in various ways, generally harvest / picking is done by using “songgo” (in the form of bamboo that the half-cone-shaped tip that is useful to keep the fruit does not fall when picked).

3. Harvest Period

Harvest is done every 10 days.

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