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How Raising Apples

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 08:18 PM PDT

1How Raising Apples 01 How Raising Apples

Apples are loaded with vitamin B and vitamin C which is very good for health. In addition to fresh fruit consumed in the form, now have developed processing apples into a variety of forms such as apple chips, apple syrup, apple lunkhead, and others. Therefore, cultivation of apples can be used as a highly profitable business. Here are the guidelines in the cultivation of apples.

Seed Preparation

One of the important things in apple cultivation is the preparation of seeds / seedlings. Seeding is often done not by way of generative (seed), but by grafting vegetative namely, couplings, and cuttings.

Selected seeds from plants that have wild apple tree roots wide and sturdy and strong. Buds taken from a healthy plant stems and have superior characteristics.

* Tillers
What is meant is the bud of seedling apple plants are classified as highly productive and has reached about 30 cm. Tillers revoked its roots then dirompes and cut the branches and planted in beds as wide as 60 cm and in 40 cm.

* Rundukan

Can be obtained from seedling apple plants. Apple plant stem that extends dirundukkan and affixed to the ground. After the stem under the soil until new shoots appear. After approximately 4 months old, rundukan can be cut.

* Cuttings
How to get apple seeds can also be through cuttings. Usually obtained from wild apple crop. The trick is to cut one apple branches as long as 20 cm and dip the bottom into the solution Roton F, its function could be aroused growing root better and faster.

Land Preparation

  • Land preparation undertaken to meet the needs of the substances for plants. Mix the soil with manure, so that the apple crop will get good nutrition. When soil pH is too acidic or less than 6, you should do calcification.
  • The seedbed for a place to plant an apple seed.
  • Do watering to maintain soil moisture.

Planting Apples

  • Spacing between an apple crop to other crops should be regulated. Spacing depends on apple varieties that will be cultivated, but the average distance between 2-3 meters.
  • When the seeds are inserted into the holes of land, be compact enough soil around the seed for an apple seed can not waver and grow well.

Plant Care

When the seeds of apples already embedded in the land, things to do next is take care of apple plants. Do fertilizing and watering plants regularly so that apples can grow well.

In addition, pruning apple crop also needs to be done if indeed there are several branches or tree tops that are less productive. To avoid pests and diseases on apple crops, spraying pesticides do.

2How Raising Apples 02 How Raising Apples

Tips on How to Maintain Child’s Rabbit

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 08:02 PM PDT

1childs rabbit funny 01 Tips on How to Maintain Childs Rabbit

Buying a small rabbit is fun, other than look cute and funny, too tame. For most children will be happy when the little rabbit was richly rewarded. But remember … keep a small rabbit in most cases successful. In addition to eating well liked cranky sometimes less able to adjust the situation and consequently a small rabbit might die.

  • The cage should always be clean, direct sunlight can enter, not moist and try to made of ram-Raman that allows air circulation lancer. Both are made from bamboo or wire ram, most important foundation for the footing is made flat (the board also can) from the holes to allow dirt bias continues to fall down.
  • The size of cages in bulkhead perekor. Minimum size 50 x 50 cm. Make a place of its own food rather high so as not to get trampled.
  • To prepare the rabbit is ready to bear a larger cage. Prepare also given a small box of dry grass for warm and comfortable for the preparation of children born rabbit.
  • FOOD can of greenery, for example: grass field or swamp cabbage and other vegetables. Keep grass and vegetables is under wither, unless eating alone in the wild when released.
  • Do not wash for water content in vegetables is very low. Besides food, the rabbits also like sweet potato or a tree, bran / rice bran, coconut cake and so forth. Try not one kind of rabbit food continuously. This will cause the rabbit spoiled and hard to eat other foods.
  • Giving the right food afternoon beginning at approximately 18:00 until early morning at 07.00. (Rabbits usually eat all night). During the day may be given additional food to taste.
  • Provide a place to eat alone so as not to get trampled and hit by his own urine.
  • Try to keep the young rabbits are not continually exposed to wet and moist soil. Will cause itching disease. Hopefully this brief trick will be useful for fans of rabbits, especially beginners.

2childs rabbit funny 02 Tips on How to Maintain Childs Rabbit

How Raising Chickens Bekisar

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 07:47 PM PDT

1bekisar chicken 01 How Raising Chickens Bekisar

Bekisar chicken is the result of mating the F1 offspring of male jungle fowl (Gallus varius) and female native chickens (Gallus Gallus domesticus). Bekisar developed as a pet chicken to produce beautiful ornamental chicken feathers, and especially to get the beauty of her voice with an alluring voice crowing.

Bekisar feather color is dominated by female Kampung chicken feather color that is used, but the posture, the nature and highly dependent male voice that is chicken Forest Green. At first Bekisar fans just love the color Red and Black, now the color of chicken Bekisar very diverse and even beauty Bekisar feather colors are often used as one criterion in the race Bekisar.

The basic color of chicken Bekisar favorite has eight basic colors namely Red, Black, White, Yellow, Wido, Grey, Blorok, and Jali. Chicken Bekisar become a symbol of fauna (mascot), East Java Province. Chicken Bekisar derived from Kangean island, a small island east of Madura, including Sumenep district. Chicken is spread throughout the island of Madura, Java, Bali and Lombok Region, Komodo, Flores. In addition to chickens in the region Bekisar difficult to find. Bekisar chicken mascot is the fauna of East Java province.

There are three types of chicken bekisar:

  1. Gallus berjengger aenus which eight small serrated, wattle-sized, color fur on the top layer of purple with golden yellow plisir.
  2. Gallus temminckii has a gold toothed comb, wattle-colored pink, red fur shiny and brownish red berplisir.
  3. Gallus violanceus with fine toothed comb, wattle size medium, color purple fur with a smooth surface.

Some kind of chicken Bekisar famous beauty, namely:

  1. Bekisar Kangean (Madura), formed from the parent female hairy one kind such as black, red, white, yellow, and ash – ash.
  2. Bekisar White (Yogya), ranging from part-white, to the soles of the feet except the comb, wattle, and the red lobe.
  3. Bekisar Black (Parakan), crosses with chicken Kedu Black female. High body shape, large, well-built and hairy black.
  4. Bekisar multicolor (Solo), rich in color and his voice was very loud sound with the tip high, medium body size. Chicken Bekisar have multicolored hair colors – colors with fur neck, saddle feathers, and bright red decorative feathers.

2bekisar chicken 02 How Raising Chickens Bekisar

In general, chicken bekisar is the result of mating between a male pheasant with female chicken. Thus, chickens with inherited physical bekisar female chicken, but with such beautiful rooster feathers black forest green.

Unfortunately, this type chickens crowing nan even have a melodious voice, but the inherited nature of stress and easy easy to die like a male pheasant. No wonder so many people trying to look for genetic crosses bekisar the best chicken.

Chicken bekisar is obtained from the results of a cross between a descendant of Javanese chicken and chicken Pelung Cianjur who then crossed to a male pheasant. This crossing will produce bekisar high-pitched voice, long and not broken. Dus, have similar physical endurance chicken.

For the descendants of Javanese chicken and chicken Pelung used as breeders, are left free to roam in the yard or garden. While feed only rice bran and corn alone.

As for male pheasant breeders, should be given a special cage. Their feed is also special. Suppose that a mixture of brown rice and BR (specifically chicken feed). Do not forget, the intake of insects such as crickets and Kroto once every three days to maintain stamina. And vitamin chicken once every three days.

Unfortunately, many male partridge who then ‘gering’ or stress and then die, some time after breeding.

To get chicks bekisar excellent quality, best breeding season is during the dry season. Or about March until August. If her wedding winter, the eggs will not hatch.

After mating, the eggs eram bekisar lasted for 21 days. Once the spawn can be obtained about 12 eggs. But that is only half alive. After two weeks of menetasnya eggs, the broodstock can be re-mated.

Tillers chicken bekisar then sorted based on their quality. Of the six eggs that hatch, the only one qualified. That is, of the 60 eggs that hatch, 50 chicks is not very good quality. “If the quality is not too good, then at the age of two weeks has been sold for $ 20 per tail

So, for the sale of chicks two weeks old bekisar can pocket the sales turnover of $ 500. As for good quality, will be raised until the age of six months to 12 months. And sold for $ 100 to $ 200 per cow.

To feed, apply similar to chicken feed. But for one day old chicks up to two months, fed with BR1. To avoid the flu and swollen face or CRD, puppies are given a specific vaccine bekisar chicken every three months.

Well, for chicken bekisar good quality, having proven to always win in the race, the price will go up dozens of times. My friend told me, one of the buyers had to remove chicken bekisar ternakanya bekisarnya chicken for $ 2000 after the chicken several times won the race. In fact, the chickens were purchased from his ranch for $ 160 only. “I do not miss the chicken sales bonuses,”

How Raising Chickens Bekisar

“Inventor” chicken bekisar is Kengean island community in the southeast of the island of Madura. There the people are fun to marry their female parent with a good chicken chicken green forest. How marriage is a very unique style Kangean. Incidentally they’ve got good chicken green forest which is relatively benign. Until adequate maintenance with one leg tied with a rope of fabric. To champion green partridge green partridge was brought near the female. After the male partridge was intended to marry her, then infiltrated female chicken under the female pheasant. To that end, a shallow pit had been prepared in the “location of marriage” is.

Until that happens is, the green jungle fowl rooster “perched” and set a female pheasant, but the married are free-range chicken. Technique ala Kangean marriage is referred to as “mating Dodokan”. Furthermore, existing village hen pheasant rooster marriage, in her ass tied coconut shell as “pants”. It means that he is not married by the village rooster. Eggs produced by hens that marriage is partridge, that would definitely be bekisar hatch about 25%.

Because the technique style Kangean marriage is very complicated, the techniques developed Surakarta-style wedding. Here, the green jungle fowl rooster is placed in a cage with a hen village. At first they were placed in two different cage, but placed close together. Having seen that the male partridge was a crush, their new unified. Marriage a la Surakarta this happens naturally. Obstruction: a male pheasant hen just want to have a crush on a small-boned village (similar to partridge female) and the color of his fur “striated” brown-gray. Mating techniques to produce cutting-edge bekisar way is to marry to inject.

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