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[New post] pit bulls rule the Internet

pit bulls rule the Internet

The good folks over at Mashable did a great blog post about 10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets pages,​/animals-social-media/

All is good.

However, they left out all of the good pit bull pages with all of the many thousands if not millions of pit bull fans... Of course, the cute and cuddly and funny animals were what they were talking about. And Patrick's story started off kind of grim. Although he is doing great now, about 48 pounds and a happy dog, he had been starved near death and thrown in the trash. Perhaps people who are fans of cute, cuddly and funny pets probably do not want to know about dogs like Patrick nor about pit bulls.

Still, Patrick has the MOST fans of all around the world, around the Internet. He has more Facebook pages and fans than many celebrities, not only more fans than the media pages. Patrick has 60-100 Fb pages … The Patrick Miracle page alone has about 110,000 fans.  How many celebrities have 60-100 facebook pages? And Patrick's pages are all over the world from Canada, England, France, Germany, to Finland, Sweden, USA, many of the 50 states, and some of those have north and south or specific cities such as North and South Florida, North and South California, Philadelphia, and others.

The Vicktory dogs, former v-dogs, each have their own fb pages, Hector, Handsome Dan, Jhumpa, Cherry Garcia, Audie, and Vicktory 4 Cherry, and others with a few hundred to a few thousand fans each. And of course, we know the Bad Newz that they went through, and survived and are doing great. Seven are now therapy dogs. And many have earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates. They are adopted into loving homes, with kids, other dogs and cats and living a good news life now.

There are also many individual pit bull pages including Tuna the Pit Bull and others.

tuna the pit bull

the pit bull princess

And there are folks devoted to changing the perception of pit bulls such as the Stubby Dog Project

The Pit Bull Propaganda Project

Beyond the Myth

My small contribution to this is:

America's Nanny Dogs

And there are the pit bull rescue heroes such as:


Our Pack

Best Friends Animal Society

Jasmine's House

and all the other pit bull rescues

the boycott sites are also filled with pit bull fans, including No Way Subway, which has 24,000 fans....

there are the stop and end bsl and bdl sites as well as other groups, adoption sites and shelters that do not have pit bull in their name...

There are many books about pit bulls on the Internet including The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant, The Pit Bull Placebo, and others.

pit bull groups and businesses...

there may be some overlap of fans on various pages... but I bet you cannot look through these pages and find stereotypical pit bulls and owners, can you?

the truth about pit bulls

a pit bull on my pillow

people for pit bulls

pit bulls -- the other good dog

pit bull lovers gathering place

pit bulls for peace and love

two popular animal planet shows

Pit Bulls and Parolees, 145,000 fans

Pit Boss,  223,000 fans

ah, all of these positively pit bull pages, imagine !

and let's not forget to count all of the twitterers, websites, and blogs about pit bulls...

such as @PitOwnr, @MentorPitBulls and many many others.

The Happy Pit Bull blog

The Real Pit Bull blog

Pit Bull Lovers Blog

Princess the Pit Bull

Of Pit Bulls and Patience

Cici says: Let's face it. Pit bulls rule the Internet. People cannot get enough of our goofy, silly, sweet, loving, licky faces, quirky ways and waggy tails.

Woof !

petey the lil rascals, our gang mascot


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