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Puppies For Sale Cheap

Puppies For Sale Cheap

How To Raise a Boxer Puppies

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 10:25 AM PDT

How To Raise a Boxer Puppies, Many people are wondering “how to raise a boxer puppy,” the answer is simple, experts say that 5 months of age and have enough time to start training, in fact, some coaches say many puppies this race and gain knowledge at three months old.

brindle boxer puppies 300x225 How To Raise a Boxer Puppies

Brindle Boxer Puppies

A basic trick is the “stay put” for our dog perform a trick that effective action is the word “stay” and take a few steps back, little by little boxer puppy understand that you must lie still or far CERAC him. When the dog begins to understand the orders we reward it by giving a present to play a ball or some food followed by lots of cuddling.

cute boxer puppies 203x300 How To Raise a Boxer Puppies

Cute Boxer Puppies

To prevent the boxer puppy bite us too (something normal and characteristic of all races) should buy special toys to bite when playing starts to bite, tell him not to, remove and change bitten by mimes, you will understand the rules game gradually. Another option to avoid bites boxer puppies is to get a stick of wood to play and jump and play endlessly downloading a lot of energy and bites.

 How To Raise a Boxer Puppies

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