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Puppies For Sale Cheap

Puppies For Sale Cheap

Labrador with Poodle is Labradoodle

Posted: 17 Aug 2011 10:46 AM PDT

Labrador with Poodle is Labradoodle, The idea of ​​a dog allergy is not to give it started to get Wally Conran and get the Labradoodle breed. Wally was the Manager of Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia at that time. Someone needed a guide dog, but was allergic to them. Therefore needed a breed that does not give allergy, and Wally successfully crossed a labrador crossed with a poodle, and the young fit perfectly with the defendant for that man. We could call this dog to the letter.

Brown Labradoodle 300x266 Labrador with Poodle is Labradoodle

Big Brown Labradoodle

Thus, the origins of the labradoodle were for a specific purpose in mind. A large dog, gentle, intelligent and essentially does not cause allergies.

But the popularity of the labradoodle has created, of course, many problems. That is, many unscrupulous people, some with no experience in breeding dogs, and others with no or very little in the experience of raising that race or other races with similar characteristics, mongrels. Jumped on the bandwagon.
Since the demand for these dogs is booming, they are very expensive, few people dedicated to it, and that attracted many to this new field.

Cute Labradoodle puppy 300x250 Labrador with Poodle is Labradoodle

Cute Labradoodle puppy

However, breeding dogs, especially across different breeds, is not simple. Wally Conran, creator of the Labradoodle have to do much effort to get the dog I was looking for. Since all young labradoodles were not good for allergy sufferers.

 Labrador with Poodle is Labradoodle

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