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Puppies For Sale Cheap

How to Do Puppy Potty Training in a Successful Way

Posted: 17 Feb 2012 10:02 AM PST

As a new owner of a puppy you will have to be very well prepared into knowing how to welcome him inside your home and how to learn him good behavior and healthy manners to live his life. As part of the many tasks that you need to achieve with training your puppy, potty training is a very important one to know how to do in a successful way. Puppies have no idea that they are supposed to poop or pee in specially designated area. When they feel that it is coming, they simply let it go regardless where they are.

Puppy bowl 2012 How to Do Puppy Potty Training in a Successful Way

So, for you to avoid these unpleasant situations we have outlines some useful tips to help with this task and start a routine in this respect with your new puppy:

  • Because puppies are very prone to pee on frequent basis, you must ensure to take him out very often. Give them the possibility to do this outside as often as it comes to them.
  • Puppies are subject to routine to which they will further stick to, making your task thus very easily to achieve. So, proceed into scheduling a wake up and bed time along with the naps. Always feed him the meals at the same time throughout the day.
  • When you take him out for the potty routine, always get him to the same spot. When you take him out use a leash and direct him spot and once he does it always praise him.
  • Do not lose track of your puppy while being indoors. It is not a good idea to allow him take control over the house. When you can not watch his moves or are too busy to keep an eye on him, put him in a crate.
  • Pay attention to all the details signifying potty needs. One sign can be running around in a circle while stopping to sniff. When he does like this, take him outside at once.
  • Do not be harsh on him when he does a mistake because he might fear you in the future and will start to have all sorts of unexpected bad behaviors.
  • When there is an accident on the floor always clean the area very meticulously and for the thing not to happen again keep an eye on your puppy to detect the signs of potty needs sooner.
 How to Do Puppy Potty Training in a Successful Way

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