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Puppies For Sale Cheap

Puppies For Sale Cheap

Ways into Training Your Puppy to Fetch

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 08:17 AM PST

Owning a puppy will involve plenty of your attention since they are in this period of their life when they need to learn new things to carve their personality for the future. Therefore spending time into playing with them is very important as in this way you let them find out the rules of the ‘pack’.

Puppy conan 1024x601 Ways into Training Your Puppy to Fetch

One part that plays as well a great role into this is training them how to fetch. This will also provide them with a lot of entertainment for now and for the future. You must understand that puppies can not stay focused for more than 10 minutes therefore the training in its initial stages should take no more than this span of time to make sure that you grab their attention for the training.

Let’s take this process one step at a time:

  • First of all get your puppy’s favorite toy, one that is easy to toss and chew on. It is important not to use edible things because in this way their attention can be distracted from the fetch training.
  • Consider starting the training indoors because it is easier for you to help your puppy stay focused. If there is something that catches their attention you should better remove it from the training area.
  • Once you have the toy you should toss it only a few feet away while saying the command ‘fetch’. After he will bring the toy back you should pat him praising him in a loud voice. In the meanwhile don’t attempt to take away the toy unless he drops it.
  • After the puppy is back and he gets the reward, you should tell him ‘drop’ in order to let go of the toy. Your voice should be calm and not in a threatening tone. Once he does what you tell him, praise on him again; this is what they love the most.
  • You might give him a treat, but praising with words will work in the same way. If your puppy still gets hold of the toy you might offer him the treat that will determine him to let go of the toy. In case he starts running around with the toy in his mouth don’t start chasing him because he will think that you want to engage him in another game and lose track of the ‘fetch’ training.
 Ways into Training Your Puppy to Fetch

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