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Puppies For Sale Cheap

Puppies For Sale Cheap

Miniature Schnauzers – Loving dogs with strong personality

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 04:11 AM PDT

Nowadays, dogs became great companions for lots of people around the world. And it is no wonder, considering the fact that are so loving and protective with their owners. A Miniature Schnauzer is this kind of dog. With an energic attitude and loving character, it is definitely perfect for families with kids. They are also very adaptable and they certainly love and respect their owners.

baby miniature schnauzers Miniature Schnauzers   Loving dogs with strong personality

But you must train your Miniature Schnauzer from the very beginning. Otherwise, it can turn out to be very stubborn and agitated. So, be steady and don’t neglect the Miniature Schnauzer’s training. It is crucial if you really want to have an obedient dog which doesn’t cause you any kind of problems.

It is useful to mention that these dogs can also be a little noisy in the beginning. They just love barking but if one is decided to train its Miniature Schnauzer this issue will be certainly solved too, in a a matter of short time.

You probably will be surprised to find out that this little dog can be sometimes quite aggressive and stubborn. That’s why it is so important for your Miniature Schnauzer to understand that it is not in charge and has to respect its owner and stay calm, no matter what. But enough with the bad parts. Let’s see Miniature Schnauzer’s good side.

Well, you must know that this dog loves deeply its owners and nothing can upset it more than being neglected by its family. Miniature Schnauzers love long walks with their owners and also need attention. They are not like other dogs that are not so affected by solitude. A Miniature Schnauzer loves spending time with its owner and family more than anything. It doesn’t care if you change your house and move another place as long as it is by your side. Yes, these loving, affectionate Miniature Schnauzers are great as companions.

They are also very energic and active and love playing all day long. In fact, playing is certainly their main activity and as long as they are by its owner’s side, they are trully happy. Don’t be surprised if your Miniature Schnauzer wants to follow you everywhere. It is something commom for this breed, you’ll get used to it. Of course, if you follow the advice and train your puppy from the beginning, you won’t have a problem. These dogs are very smart also, so the training will be quite easy for them. Your puppy will understand fast who is the master of the house and which are the activities allowed around its new home.

So, if you follow these pointers you will be very happy with your loving, adorable Miniature Schnauzer and your life will definitely be more enjoyable.

 Miniature Schnauzers   Loving dogs with strong personality

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