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September 2022
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Toxic Ingredients in Cleaning Supplies: 4 Pet Safe Cleaners

Does your dog lie on the rug, the couch, hop in the bathtub, or even surf the counter? Your response is likely yes. Pet safe cleaners are incredibly crucial- for this reason! Have you given any thought to the cleaning supplies you use? Did you realize that the cleaning supplies you use might be harmful to your dog's health? Several well-known …
Toxic Ingredients in Cleaning Supplies: 4 Pet Safe Cleaners

Cooling Proteins for Dogs with Allergies

Cooling Proteins for Dogs with Allergies
Finding cooling proteins for dogs that can help control allergies can be done by using Chinese medicine food energetics. Numerous allergy treatment alternatives make immediate promises of success. However, the adverse reactions may outweigh the allergic condition they are meant to address. Discovering the root of the problem is crucial. The Cause of Allergies in Dogs Allergies, like all medical …

How to Detox Your Dog from Vaccines

Vaccines have been an important part of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. They have saved millions of lives and prevented countless animals from suffering. They help prevent disease outbreaks and keep our pets safe, which is why they're so important. However, vaccines can also cause a lot of stress on your dog's body, and they are often administered at …
How to Detox Your Dog from Vaccines

Aflatoxins in Dog Food

Aflatoxins in Dog Food
2014 pet food tests revealed potentially harmful information on the food your dog or cat is eating. The findings of tests conducted on over 40 well-known pet meals were made public by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong. Many pet owners were shocked by the findings. Foods produced by Purina, Hill's, and AvoDerm, three well-known US food producers, were discovered …

Is Food Coloring Dangerous for Dogs?

Is food coloring safe for dogs, you might question when you see some colorful dog foods with their vibrant green, red, or yellow kibble chunks? Some naturally occurring food colorings are secure. However, you should definitely stay away from artificial food dyes and even some natural alternatives. The sorts of colors and dyes that are permitted for use in …
Is Food Coloring Dangerous for Dogs?
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Food Coloring Dangerous for Dogs

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Big Kibble: The Hidden Dangers of the Pet Food Industry

The guidelines—or lack thereof—for pet food production are set by a private, non-profit organization that is heavily influenced by the corporations that sell it, allowing them to include ever-cheaper ingredients, and create ever-larger earnings. Therefore, legal ingredients that could be in kibble include poultry feces, saw dust, expired food, and diseased meat, among other horrors. So far, these corporations have been able to get away with it—until now.


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Big Kibble: The Hidden Dangers of the Pet Food Industry
Drake Dog Cancer Foundation

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BLASTOFF festival - final deadline discounts

Screenings and awards all year round

To friends and fans of BLASTOFF  and our sister festivals

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on July 31, 2022 PST

The following discounts are good until July 31

55% off film submissions: code Filmx55

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Please note:
Scripts/Screenplays are
only eligible for the Screenplayx25 discount. 
Please do not use any other discount for
a script/screenplay submission  as the
system will tag it "disqualified" and

we cannot process refunds.

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Something I was wondering about your website ...

How are you?

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This is a series of nine articles featuring the insights of 35 pet professionals from around the world. It outlines the biggest feeding mistakes pet owners make and includes some fundamentals of pet nutrition in order to help educate animal owners.

In order to help your pet-loving readers, would you add a link to this guide on your page? We'd love it if you shared it on your social media pages, too!

I appreciate your time and hope you see the value in sharing this helpful tool with your audience. Thank you so much for your consideration and for helping loving pet parents all over the world!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

True Story - how it all started.

In October 2018, I was getting ready to head out to teach 26&2 (formerly known as Bikram Yoga) at Hot 8 Yoga, Santa Monica. Upon picking up my yoga bag to carry necessary things; water, dry clothes, a towel, etc. To my own surprise, I discovered numerous single-use plastic bags discarded on the floor of my closet. 
Quite frankly I was shocked. Not only by the pile of plastic bags I had subconsciously stored but also by the realization of where they had come from. Hot 8 yoga, like most other yoga studios, provided single-use plastic bags to students for carrying wet and sweaty yoga clothes home.  Plastic bags do not biodegrade.
The experience was so surreal it left me feeling compelled to do something. To find a reusable alternative for myself, and to encourage others to do the same.  That very night I ordered a wet bag online and when the wet bag arrived after a few days, I was not very pleased. The quality was average at best. The make was as generic as it came. There was no sense of personalization, no trace of style or appeal. It seemed as though the concept of Yoga Wet Bags was non-existent. And it is then that I thought, maybe I can offer something different and better.
Against all odds, uncertainty, financial concerns, and flat-out fear of the unknown. With unwavering determination to solve the plastic bag problem, to inspire change, and to offer something different and better, I founded Souleva. In line with our brand purpose, I derived our name from the French​ ​word 'soulever,' which means raise, lift, elevate, etc.
I hope you make us part of your journey by finding something at that you didn't even know you are looking for.
With Much Love