Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update from Melvin!

Update from Melvin!

Super Bowl Time!

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 11:21 PM PST

That's right! Super Bowl Time! To tell the truth, I will not be watching the Super Bowl, but I will be watching the commercials as soon as they show up somewhere on the internet. As for the cats, they've chosen their sides.  I put a flag on each of the food bowls (they change whichever one they eat from every time that they eat) and Melvin is now rooting for the Indianapolis Colts while Zoey is

The First Sign of Springtime!

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 01:47 PM PST

I looked out the window today, and guess what I saw!  ROBINS! At least seven.  It made me so excited I ran all over the house to get the camera. Isn't he lovely?  Coming from Florida, I was missing the warm weather here in Oregon.  At least I know when Spring comes that it will be nice and warm, again I also got the following random pictures (like usual).  I really don't think that Melvin takes

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