Monday, April 26, 2010

All the Creatures

All the Creatures

Horses and rain rot

Posted: 25 Apr 2010 09:57 PM PDT

Until I moved to a wetter climate than I had been living, I was unaware of what rain rot is. Rain rot is a fungus that develops and grows on the exposed parts of horses that cannot get out of the rain to dry off. The fungus usually comes from the surrounding brush or trees. I [...]

Herbal treatments for horses

Posted: 25 Apr 2010 09:39 PM PDT

I have a horse that is starting to exhibit Cushings syndrome. The mare is 18 this year and this past winter she started to get that curly long coat which is the first outward sign of the syndrome. I have been told that once a horse starts to exhibit that sign, the horse usually has [...]

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