Friday, June 25, 2010

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Pet owners are giving their pets up due to the BP oil spill

Posted: 24 Jun 2010 09:18 PM PDT

As the saying goes stuff rolls downhill and oil is no exception. The massive oil spill disaster that’s affecting people and wildlife in the Gulf is also affecting pets in a very bad way. Their people have had their lives torn apart by the oil spill. Instead of being out on the water making a living, they’re stuck with bills they can’t pay. They’ve gone through whatever money they have and are trying to do what they can just to stay ahead of the bill collectors. In desperation, many pet owners have been taking their cats and dogs to area shelters. It’s not that they want to give their cat and dog family members up, but they just don’t know how they can feed and care for them.

Earlier this week Charlotte Bass-Lilly from Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), talked with Dan Rea of Boston’s WBZ radio about the emergency the shelter is facing right now. It’s not just their shelter though – all shelters in the area are all beyond full. ARNO is doing what they can to help people keep their pets, but they need help. She talks about people who are losing their jobs, their homes, and can’t afford to feed their children. One woman she talks about was at such a loss as to what to do that she opened the front door, let her dogs out, and then killed herself. Bass-Lilly’s goal is to help people who are feeling such desperation to get what they need to keep their pets – including food and even medical care.

There’s always a worthy charity out there, but if you’re wanting to help with the disaster in some way, and don’t know how, this might be your way to make a difference. The Animal Rescue New Orleans has website more information about what they’re doing along with a PayPal Button for anyone who interested in donating to help pet victims of the BP oil spill. And, like most shelters, they also have a list of items they can always use for the pets they care for.

Be sure to listen to the podcast with Charlotte Bass-Lilly. It’s on the WBZ News Radio website.

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