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Austin Petland closing

Posted: 14 Jul 2010 09:01 PM PDT

Austin Petland closingThe south Austin Petland store is closing, probably within the next week. Petland stores have been in the news repeatedly for selling puppies that were bought from puppy mills.

From the Austin-American Statesman: Austin Petland closing

The South Austin location of the Petland retail chain is closing.

The store has been regularly picketed by protesters who said it sold puppies from puppy mills, where conditions often are inhumane. The national chain has been accused in a federal suit by The Humane Society of the United States of purchasing dogs from puppy mills.

The action comes as the city Animal Advisory Commission was meeting late Wednesday to consider recommending a ban on retail sales of dogs and cats, because they often come from mills.

A Petland employee who answered the phone at the store on 9900 S. Interstate 35 confirmed the store was closing "probably next week," but wouldn't elaborate.

One of the Animal Advisory Commission members commented on a news interview I saw this evening that she would liked to have seen Petland work with rescue groups to help find homes for pets in need of homes. That would have been ideal, given the work that’s being done to make Austin a no-kill city. The Petland employee they interviewed though, said their customers wanted purebreds. It’s a shame, really – they could have helped educate people and help save cats and dogs at the same time.

Dogster has a great article on puppy mills. If you’re not sure why puppy mills and buying puppies from pet stores isn’t a good idea, go read it. 10 Reasons Not to Buy From a Pet Store.

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