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Keeping A Clean Spot For Your Fish

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 09:37 AM PDT

Keeping A Clean Spot For Your Fish
by: Don Hill

Keeping A clean spot For your Fish.

Keeping your aquarium running is the real challenge of a number of owners. They have it up, but oh dear, there are issues arising that they just didn't expect!

Unhealthy H2O.

Sick of dirty water? So is your fish.

A power filter might be very helpful. These filters remove damaging things in your fishes water.

This makes it a once a month deal changing the cartridge.


Algea is basically just slimy gross stuff which can hamper the enjoyment you receive from seeing your specimens.

However the mend is very uncomplicated. Buy a Plecostomus. Often called an algae eater, this fish isn't going to win any beauty competitions any time soon - but he will keep your aquarium clean of algae. Plus, this ugly algae eater has a wonderful personality!

If you don't have one you,ll have to take on the task. There are loads of tools you can use, and they vary by cost.

Remember that algae thrives in the sunshine! Aquariums which sit in the sunlight will tend to produce more algae.

Change your filter more regularly to ensure that this doesn't happen, because it can hurt your fish aquarium, and kill your fish if it goes untreated. They simply can't live in that sort of surroundings.

Cloudy H2o.

May be a sign that your over feeding the fish. Don't give your fish more then what they can eat in 3-5 minutes in one sitting, and only give them 2-3 times a day. This should eliminate the issues.

If your water stays foggy even when feeding proper it may be that you need to use a different source when filling the fish-tank. You can buy it by the gallon full at most grocery stores and it only costs about 50-70 cents per gallon .

Changing the tank water at least every 2weeks is advised.

Some people choose to use a siphon when changing the H2O in their fish-tank. You can use a length of hose to siphon the water into a bucket.

Once water starts flowing, put it in a bucket and let some of it drain out.

Next you can put H2O back into the tank. Once a month, you're going to want to clean your tank aquarium - part of the experience countless people hate.

Sponges or cloths that are devoid from chemicals may be used to strip the glass sides of your fish-tank. lots of people will use a scraper on their glass tanks.

All accessories should be removed and scrubbed clean. Make sure you do not have any variety of chemicals on your cleaning utensils.

numerous people use a gravel vacuum to cleanse the dirt and old grub that's been leftover down there. There are various sizes for various tanks, and you should at all times follow the instructions that came with the gravel vacuum to use it properly.

whenever You refill Your Tank

Make sure the water temp is the same as that the fish are in. Attaching a hose to a faucet with both hot and cold H2O will enable you to get the temperature correct.

chlorine and additional chemicals can obliterate your fish so examination the H2O you fill the fish-aquarium with. warming a 5-10 gallon bucket of distilled water is often a better option then using tap H2O!

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