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How Koi Fish Farming

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1koi fish beautiful 01 How Koi Fish Farming
Koi fish, including the more exotic ornamental fans. Besides maintained as a hobby, koi can also be a promising business area. Indeed, for those who are really serious. Besides the charm of beautiful colors and outs, other features of the koi is a beauty that was shown when popped and jumped into the water. Indeed, a special scene for a hobby to maintain.

The things to watch out for when going to the breeding of koi fish is the availability of the pond, koi master inventory, provision of seed food, and treatment of tight selection.

2koi fish beautiful 02 How Koi Fish Farming

* Spawning Pool

Spawning ponds could not be the one with the pond garden. Spawning ponds must have inclusion door and door expenditure tersendiri.Selain water, the entire pool must be plastered and can be dried to perfection.
Area of spawning ponds varied. To narrow the pool to use the pool area of 3-6 m2 with a depth of 0.5 m The location of the pool are getting enough sunlight, not too noisy, shielded from the reach of children and other pets.
If possible, provide also pool hatch of egg and seed treatment. Hatchery pond, its shape can be rectangular or round. If the pool round, its diameter is between 1.5 to 2 m.
One pool again if there is, namely a pool to grow natural food which is used to lmensuplai seed food if its egg yolk have been exhausted. The depth of the pond about 30 cm. Vast pool of 6-10 m2, adequate enough.
For those who have money enough, the walls of the pool can be covered with vinyl that is the usual material for making fiberglass tub. With vinyl coating, swimming-pool is more secure cleanliness and the effect of cement can be eliminated.

* Selection Master

The main requirement is a potential parent parent has matured genitals and mature body. Sexually mature male parental means already produce sperm and the female parent has produced a mature egg. Mature body that is, physically they were ready to become the parent-parent productive.
Another requirement of physical prime, is not disabled. Full-fin fins, scales well. His movements were graceful, balanced, not sluggish. Minimum 2 years of age males, females at least 3 years. Females larger than males, stomach look bigger than the back. Males on the contrary, more slender and flat belly when viewed from the back. Male fin ready to marry will appear white spots.
A female parent pairs with 2 or 3 masculine mains. If a female was only given a male in the spawning pond and the males takdisangka crashed, gagallah spawning. By providing a stock of more than one male, breeding failure can be avoided.
It is recommended not to use the best parent stock, because the offspring are usually ugly. Son of the offspring is not necessarily as good as its parent. What should koi spawning normally, but still has superior characteristics, such as concentrated color. At the time of seed selection, will be chosen which are good and which ones diafkir.

3koi fish beautiful 03 How Koi Fish Farming

* Preparation Swimming

First time to be prepared for spawning is swimming. Ponds are dried in the sun. Entry door installed filters to prevent egg which possible drift.
Koi eggs attached (adhesive) in character. Usually koi will lay eggs under the plant or any material that could be used to attach their eggs. Therefore penempel provide sufficient eggs for egg koi can survive.
Penempel egg can use kakaban, which is used for breeding of goldfish. Kakaban made from the fibers are attached with a bamboo stick and nailed. Good Kakaban made of long fibers and flat, length 120 cm width 40 cm. The amount required kakaban adapted to large female parent, usually 4-6 pieces for each 1 kg of female parent.
In order to float, kakaban arranged on a piece of bamboo that are still intact. Diataskakaban given a bamboo stick and tied for collection kakaban not be scattered when the parent pair spawning. Before install, kakaban cleaned, washed, and rinsed to be free from mud.
Kakaban installed after a pool filled with water. Water always flows into the pool to stimulate couple spawning koi to be prolific. Besides kakaban, where penempel egg can also use water plants such as Hydrilla pieces composed or raffia palm fiber instead.

4koi fish beautiful 04 How Koi Fish Farming

* Implementation Spawning

Parent included about 16.00 and will begin to spawn at midnight. Female mains will swim around the pool with a male parent in belakangya followed. The longer their movements more exciting. Male parent put his body when following the female parent. At its height, female mains will release her eggs with the occasional leap into the air. Activity was followed immediately by a female with a male sperm discharge.
The eggs exposed to sperm will stick to the egg penempel kakaban or other materials and hard to escape. Also there are some uyang eggs fall to the bottom of the pond. Marriage is completed in the morning. Parent immediately separated from their eggs. If terlambatm egg can devour its parent.
There are two ways to separate the parent from which dihasilkan.Pertama eggs, by moving the parent of the spawning pond and still let the eggs hatch in the pool tersenur. A second way to move the eggs to hatch pool. The first way is more practical because it saves land (pond).
To prevent it from infected mushroom, eggs soaked first in condensation Malachyt green with 1/300.000 concentration for 15 minutes before it is placed in the hatchery pond. When will soak this eggs, should kakaban shake-shake the water for impurities that may cover the eggs can be separated.

5koi fish beautiful 05 How Koi Fish Farming

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