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Betta Fish Breeding

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 07:56 PM PST

3betta fish 03 Betta Fish Breeding

If you’re a fan or hobbyist ornamental fish, try to breed Betta fish as an alternative or additional earnings sideline income.

As a container for fish or aquariumnya, you can use bottled water bottles used which of course you can get easily around your home environment. To feed the fish Betta fish food which does not require expensive, just swatch dead mosquitoes, mosquito larva or reserving a few fibers of the meat dishes that we eat everyday.

Surely you must first learn how to marry up to spawning fish and menetaskannya hickey. Develop mated again with kids these hickey fish, choose fish, fish that healthy children and have a good genetic characteristics.
2betta fish 02 Betta Fish Breeding Especially if you can produce quality fish hickey complaints, contest or even the quality of exports. You can get tens of dollars per head

However, before that you must pay first with the patience and perseverance, because the usual obstacles faced is the problem of water, food, media, temperature and disease. Find out why your Betta fish die, for example, what causes it? Please correct those mistakes and start again from scratch.

From some motivational material says, you will get the result after having two or three times a failure. You believe?

1betta fish 01 Betta Fish Breeding

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