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How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap

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1How Livestock Rabbits 01 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap

Why choose breeding rabbits? a fair question for people who are not familiar with ins and outs of business raising rabbits. Because in reality are many advantages of this business. Among the reasons why choosing breeding rabbits is as follows:

1. Maintenance and maintenance easy.
2. No need large area.
3. Production costs are relatively cheap so it does not require large capital.
4. Livestock producer of quality meat with low fat content.
5. The availability of abundant food, being able to use the feed from kitchen waste and by-products of agricultural products.
6. Prolific including livestock, namely cattle are able to bear much per birth
7. Byproducts could still be use.

2How Livestock Rabbits 02 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap

Here are some things to get attention before you start breeding rabbits:
Site selection
Selection of the location of livestock rabbit much influenced by many factors, including:

  • The location should be near food sources (areas of vegetable crops, vegetable markets, or markets in general)
  • Location close to the area of marketing. But this does not apply to farmers who already have a community or community
  • Temperature or ideal temperature between 15-25? C
  • Wherever possible cultivated cage location close to river flow and away from residential
  • The location is safe from wild animals or thieves

3How Livestock Rabbits 03 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap
Choosing seed

The following criteria can be used as guidelines for selecting seedlings rabbit:
• Parent is known parent or in other words the prospective parent has a production record (number of children perkelahiran, ability to grow, etc) and reproduction notes (services per conception, fertility, reproductive state, etc.)

  • Parent has a nipple more than 8 pieces
  • The behavior is not nervous and have enough fur to make nests
  • The physical condition of the normal healthy body, eyes shining, feathers are clean and not wrinkled, pepleh not erect ears, etc.

Many species of plants and vegetables that can be given to rabbits. Ynag important is the food is able to meet the nutritional requirements of rabbits that hope is the animals can grow and develop well and showing good production notes that give advantage to us.

4How Livestock Rabbits 04 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap
Among the diet composition of cattle rabbit that can be used reference is a concentrate feed consisting of 50 grams for growth and fattening rabbits, 70 grams for pregnant mother, 150-200 for the mother to breastfeed, were given ad libitum grass (infinite).


Aspects of reproduction plays an important role in order to increase the number of population. Livestock rabbit is one type of livestock including Prolific means capable of lambing much per birth. There are a few tips for rabbit animal reproduction has a good record:

  • Age of first breeding ranged from 5-6 months
  • Select a time married early morning or late afternoon
  • balance sex ratio is 1:10, meaning that a male parent to serve 10 cows
  • Marital back after lambing. If the rabbit is expected of cattle going to the parent can be mated 7-10 days after lambing. But if the desired future is as a replacement livestock (stock replacement) then the parent should be mated again 40-45 days after lambing or after weaning children off

5How Livestock Rabbits 05 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap
Serves to protect rabbits from external influences such as bad weather, wild animals and thieves. Livestock rabbits can be kept in a colony and individually. But according to experience and observation that the rabbits are grounded will be easier to control, and handling. Indeed, there is no standard in making a rabbit cage.

The point is that the rabbit is comfortable to live in it so it will display the best production. But keep in mind also about the cost of manufacture, not to capital will be discharged only to make a cage. But it is not wrong if you try to measure that is often used by people that is the size LxWxH = 90 × 60 × 60 cm. if the nest will be placed around the nest, the nest size LxWxH = 40 × 30 × 30cm.

Good luck!

6How Livestock Rabbits 06 How Livestock Rabbits with True and Cheap

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