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Flowers “Wijaya Kusuma” Beautiful

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 06:51 PM PST

1epiphyllum anguliger 01 Flowers Wijaya Kusuma Beautiful

Wijaya Kusuma, interest which has the Latin name is included in the anguliger Epiphyllum cactus plants, divisions anthopia, opuntiales nation and included in the class dicotiledoneae. Taking the name is based on a myth in which the myth states that whoever planted these flowers in the courtyard of his house, then the household will be peaceful. And who could see the flowers blooming this time then he will get a fortune, but it’s a myth that is not necessarily right or wrong.

2epiphyllum anguliger 02 Flowers Wijaya Kusuma Beautiful

Here I am not going to discuss about these myths, but to discuss about how to cultivate flowers wijaya kusuma beautiful. Wijaya Kusuma Flowers blossomed only once a year during the rainy season and only a few moments alone at night. not all flowering plants can wijaya kusuma easily, but depending on climate, soil fertility, and how to plant the proper care.

Plants wijaya kusuma can only grow well in places that are not too hot, if you want to grow this plant in pots should be given a planting medium mixture Sphagnum moss, crushed stem spike pole, and a little clean sand, like that used for growing orchids. For the treatment itself was tida much different orchids, but these plants do not live like orchids hanging but more likely to cactus.

3epiphyllum anguliger 03 Flowers Wijaya Kusuma Beautiful

For these seedlings can be obtained from branches of the cuttings with the way we select good branch as thick fleshy leaves and green, then cut with a size less than 15cm, and then make a shoot first, to obtain stem buds which had been cut was not placed on moist places, better if placed in a dry, shady, and many air circulation. Let stand for several days until the wound dries up, then the stem piece was pinned to the soil / growing media with its base buried only as deep as 2 ~ 4cm, do not be too deep because the stems will easily rot. If need be given medicine that contains sulfur to prevent bacterial decomposition. After wijaya kusuma branch cuttings are rooted, it is marked by the emergence of buds that are still fresh, cutting moved into the potted orchid planting medium. Plants wijaya this kusuma live happy if their roots crowded, so better to use small pots for these plants to thrive. Good luck!

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