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Sunflower the Favorite Summer

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 05:12 PM PST

1sunflower the favorite summer 01 Sunflower the Favorite Summer

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), was cultivated by the Indians of North America thousands of years ago. From North America, this plant began to spread to South America and identified as one source of food by the Incan people. After the European American control, sunflower was introduced to Europe and various parts of the world around the 16th century.

2sunflower the favorite summer 02 Sunflower the Favorite Summer

Sunflower is a plant that only grows in summer only. While in Europe or other regions with different seasons, this crop can only be grown only in the spring until autumn.

The famous sunflower as an ornamental plant because it has an elegant appearance and fresh to look at, especially if the crop is planted in the garden area, it will make the spellbound people who see it. The hallmark of this plant is bright yellow flowers, 3-5 meters tall, large flower heads (diameter can reach 30 cm), single leaf width, stem erect, rarely branched, and usually covered with coarse hair. Another feature of this plant which flowers are always facing the sun or heliotropisme. Sunflower were used as raw material for making oils, both edible oil and industrial oil, because it contains a substance called linoleic acid.

3sunflower the favorite summer 03 Sunflower the Favorite Summer

This flower is actually a compound interest which may consist of hundreds to thousands of small flowers on one head. Cropping density generally ranges from 60,000 to 70,000 plants per hectare.

4sunflower the favorite summer 04 Sunflower the Favorite Summer

Group of sunflower cultivation can be divided into four groups distinguished by their usefulness. Obviously kultivatur assembled for each function was different:

  1. Oil-producing group, used oil seeds. Seeds of this group has a thin shell of seeds with oil content 48-52%. To produce one liter of oil from the seeds required about 60 bunches of compound interest.
  2. Group of animal feed, its leaves are used as animal feed.
  3. Groups of ornamental plants, petals that vary in color and has many flowering branches.
  4. Group of watermelon seeds, the seeds are used as food.

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