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Pomeranian Dogs

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 07:27 AM PST

1pomeranian dog 01 Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian dogs are toy dogs are small and active manifold. This breed has a coat the inside of a soft and thick. Meanwhile, somewhat rough-textured exterior, long and straight. Its tail is beautiful always stood tall and straight facing the head. These dogs are very alert, indicating high intelligence, to show what she wants in a way that we understand and have a high curiosity. As she walked, she looked so beautiful that though he made. He also can be relied upon as an alarm dog.

Body size

The ideal weight for the Pomeranian is from 3 to 7 pounds (about 1.4 kg-3.2 kg) but to a dog show or exhibition of the ideal weight is about 4-6 pounds (1.8 kg-2.7 kg). Dogs which exceed this limit will not be allowed to participate in the exhibition. However, the overall quality of dogs will also be taken into account. Like, the distance from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttocks should be slightly shorter than the distance of the withers (the connection from the shoulder to the bone that is straight in the shoulder) to the ground. The distance from the brisket (the bottom of the chest dogs) to the ground, and have half of high withers. Size medium and long bones should be proportional to his feet. When examined he was stable.

2pomeranian dog 02 Pomeranian Dogs


His head must be balanced with the body. Muzzle should be short, straight, her lips not too thin and should not be aggressive temperament. Her expression must always be vigilant and look like a wolf. The skull is closed. The top of the skull slightly rounded but not shaped like a dome. When viewed from the front and side, you will see a small but ears stand up straight.

His eyes are black, medium sized and shaped like almonds. They are located well inside the skull on both sides of the stop. Color pigments nose and black eyes. Her teeth like scissors bite (Scissors bite). If there is one tooth out of line, still acceptable.

Disqualification: The skull is round like a dome, under-shot mouth (lower jaw is more advanced than the upper jaw, but the teeth are not allowed out of the lips when the mouth shut), over-shot mouth (upper jaw is much longer than the lower jaw).

3pomeranian dog 03 Pomeranian Dogs

Neck, spine and body

Pomeranian neck short and basically lies well within the shoulder to allow the heads looked up to the height. The back was short with a straight spine. Her body was small and crowded and located ribs well with the brisket to touch his elbow.

Its tail is beautiful and located with the straight is one characteristic of this breed.


Pomeranian known for its double coat. Fur thick and smooth bottom. While outer hair long, straight and rather coarse texture. Fur will hold the inside and provides an easy to maintain and expand their feathers stand beautifully. Its fur is very thick from the neck, the front shoulder and chest, forming jumbaian passing through the shoulders and chest. Feathers in the head and legs tightly structured and shorter than those parts of the body. The front of her body, thighs, ankles and legs covered with beautiful feathers. Its tail feathers are covered with long, coarse and spread pass. Trimming with the purpose of cleanliness and tidiness permitted.

4pomeranian dog 04 Pomeranian Dogs


All colors, patterns and variations that have allowed and valued in the same way.

Patterns: Black and Tan – tan or rust sharply defined, appearing above the eyes, nose, throat, chest, front and smua feet and below tail. The more light will be increasingly favored it’s tan

Brindle-basic colors are gold, red and orange spots with a little black lines thick.  Parti-color – the color white with another color that spreads the white pieces (more desirable if it is located in the head).

Nature / Temperament

Pomeranian as a dog that is open, showing a high intelligence and a cheerful spirit, make him as great companions dogs and show dogs are also very competitive.

Although the Pomeranian breed of dog including Toy, he still must meet the requirements given to all breeds and all deviations from the ideal standard that has been determined will be punished in accordance with the deviation.

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