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Morphological Characteristics of Fish Mas

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 07:23 AM PST

1fish anatomy 01 Morphological Characteristics of Fish Mas

Carp body shape slightly elongated and flattened upright (comprossed). Her mouth is situated at the center of the tip of the head (terminal) and can be raised (protaktil). In the anterior part of the mouth are two pairs of antennae. At the end of the mouth there are teeth esophagus (pharyngeal teeth), which is formed of three rows molars.

In general, almost the entire body covered with scales except goldfish in several varieties that have little scales. large carp fish scales and classified into type cycloid scales (circles).

2fish mas 02 Morphological Characteristics of Fish Mas

Dorsal fin (dorsal) to length with the back of the fingers hard and at the end (third and fourth fin) serrated. Location of dorsal surface of the insert opposite the belly (ventral). Fin anus (anal) has such a characteristic dorsal fin, which is fingered hard and finally part serrated. Rib line (linea lateralis or lateral line) are complete, are in the middle of the body with a cross section of the gill cover to the ends of the rear base of the tail.

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