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Cultivation of Fruit Wine

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 06:33 PM PDT

3a fresh crop of grapes 03 Cultivation of Fruit Wine

Wine is a fruit crop of creeping shrubs belonging to the family Vitaceae. The fruit is usually used to make grape juice, jelly, wine, grape seed oil and raisins, or eaten directly. The fruit is also known because it contains much polyphenol compounds and resveratol an active role in various metabolisms, and be able to prevent the formation of cancer cells and various other diseases. This activity is also associated with the presence of secondary metabolites in grapes that act as an antioxidant compound that can counteract free radicals.

2a fresh crop of grapes 021 Cultivation of Fruit Wine

This plant has been cultivated since 4000 BC in the Middle East. However, processing grapes into wine was discovered in 2500 BC by the Egyptians. Only some time later, this process soon spread to various parts of the world, ranging from the Black Sea region, Spain, Germany, France, and Austria. Spread the fruit is growing rapidly with a trip samakin Columbus who brought this fruit around the world.

Growing conditions

Wine is one of the plants that live in low lying areas. Unlike most other plants, the vines would require a long dry season range from 4-7 months to grow well and light intensity is high enough. Rainfall is needed by this plant is only 800 mm per year. Therefore, excessive watering can disrupt the process of conception. The temperature for maximum growth is 31 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature is 23 degrees centigrade with humidity ranging between 75-80%.

awineries are spacious and cool 01 Cultivation of Fruit Wine

Growing Media

Only some types of soil that can support plant growth with good wine. In general, the land must contain sand and clay in sufficient quantities for plants do not experience excessive transpiration. In addition, land use should be fertile and loose-textured and nutritional intake for there is good air supply. The land must also have a degree of acidity (pH) is neutral, is 7.

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