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Boston Terrier

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Adult Boston Terrier in the park

Big Adult Boston Terrier in the Park

Boston Terrier, one of the native American species, is the result of crossing the English bulldog with a white English terrier. Individual features of the first dogs were used as breeding, partly formed the basis of the modern type.
Approximately in 1870, lived in Boston, Robert Hooper purchased the townsman, William O’Brien of imported dog named Judge, who was destined to become the ancestor of almost all of these modern Boston. This dog, known as Huppah-ting Judge was mestizo – a descendant of the English bulldog and a terrier – and the type resembled a bulldog. It was a handsome, tall male weighing about 14.5 kg of bighead color with a white blaze. He had a square head and almost bite. This male was mated with a bitch, which in the old pedigrees called Jip op Kate. This white bitch owned by Edward Burnett of Southboro, Mass., weighed about 9 kg, was stocky, square format.
Descendant of Judge and Jeeps, Wells FE, was male strong addition and the same chunky, like his mother. He had a dark mottled color with symmetrical white spots and almost bite. Efa tied with Tobins Kate – a relatively small 10-pound female with quite a short head and straight tail. That these dogs were the ancestors of the breed boston terrier

black and white Adult male Boston terrier relaxing on the ground

Adult male Boston Terrier relaxing

In 1889, about thirty dog ??lovers from Boston and its environs have organized a society known as the Club of American Bull Terriers, and exhibited these dogs as “round-headed” or Bull Terriers. Over time, these fans are faced with fierce resistance from the large fans Bull Terriers and Bulldogs, who objected to the same breed name, pointing out that the new breed does not look like their dogs. ACN was also not sure that these dogs when playing preserve their type, so recently emerged. However, fans of the Boston Terrier is optimistic and in 1891 created the American club of the Boston Terrier. Because the dog was born in Boston, they changed the name of the breed to the Boston Terrier. It took two years of persistent effort to Boston has been recognized as a breed in 1893, fans managed to convince the American Kennel Club Record this breed in the stud book, and the club accept the membership of ACE.
Of course, the breed was still in its infancy. Faced a lot of work on standardization and on giving them the same way. However, since 1900 has been considerable progress on the basis of sound selection with kin breeding. The result was a dog with a clean-cut, short head, white-spotted, dark, gentle eyes and body, on the exterior rather like building a terrier than bulldog.
Although the Boston terrier and not a fighter, he is quite able to fend for themselves. It is characterized by a mild temper, has earned him the nickname “the American gentleman among dogs. It is perfect for the role of companion and pet

funny male Boston Terrier posing on the bed for picture

Cute puppy Boston Terrier

Boston terrier. Official Standard
Approved on January 9, 1990

Overall appearance. Boston Terrier – energetic, very smart dog with a smooth coat, short head, compact and perfectly built, with short tail, mottled, dark brown or black color with white markings. The head is proportional to the size of the dog, and an expressive glance shows great ingenuity. Housing rather short, tightly knit, the limbs strong and slender, the tail short. None of the devil does not stand out so as to disturb the harmony of the addition. Dog strong and active, very elegant, with her head held high and a relaxed, graceful posture. A distinctive feature is a uniform combination of color and white spots. In assessing the general form in relation to other items of particular importance are the harmony of composition, color and location of white markings.

Height, weight, proportion, composition. By weight, the dogs are divided into the following classes: less than 6.8 kg, 6.8 – 9 kg, 9 – 11.35 kg. Height at the withers is proportional to the length of the body, which makes the Boston Terrier square format. Dog strong and should not look any easier, nor coarse. Bones and muscles are proportional to the weight and the addition of the dog. Sexual type: Dogs courageous, females lighter build.
Malformations: lung (Chinese “idol”) or gross addition

cute puppy Boston Terrier on red bed

Male Boston Terrier Puppy

Head. The skull is square, flat forehead, no wrinkles, cheeks flat, brow ridges are underlined, the transition from forehead to muzzle well defined. Looking Bright, friendly and intelligent. Eyes wide apart, large, round, dark, straight-set, the outer corner – at the cheeks. Ears small, erect or cropped, set wide and high. Muzzle short, square, broad, deep, without wrinkles, is proportional to the skull. The length of the snout is less than the width or depth, snout length does not exceed 1 / 3 the length of the skull. The skull and muzzle are parallel. Nose black and wide, with distinct furrow between the nostrils. Jaws broad and square, large teeth, incisors of the mandible are on the same line. The bite line or a snack. Lip deep, but not pendulous, with the mouth is closed completely cover the teeth.
Vices: when viewed from the front visible whites of the eyes and third eyelid, narrow or too wide-open nostrils; overly large ears; distortion of the mandible.
ELIMINATING FAULTS: blue eyes or blue patches, “Dudley Nose” (bodily nose) with a closed mouth visible tongue and teeth.

Neck, topline and body. Proportional to the total length of the neck, the addition of the dog. The neck is slightly arched, highly placed, to proudly wear his head smoothly into the withers. The back is short enough that the format of the body is square. Topline straight, slightly sloped croup. Chest deep, fairly broad, the ribs protruding ribs long. Housing is short. The tail is set low, short, slim, tapering, straight. Corkscrew or should not rise above the back line.
Note: it is desirable that the length of the tail does not exceed a quarter of the distance from its base to the hock.
Flaws: sagged or roach back, flat edge, vertically raised tail.

two cute Boston Terriers male and female playing on the bed

Male and female Boston Terrier Puppies

Forequarters. Scapula oblique, which gives finesse movements. Elbows are sent back and located directly under the withers. Limbs parallel. Forearms are straight, strong, pasterns short, strong. Fifth fingers may be removed. The feet are small, round and compact, with no partition and clubfoot. Toes arched, with short nails.
Flaws: loose legs, light skeleton.

Hind limbs. Thighs strong and muscular, obliquely set, not the vessel. Hocks low omitted, with angulated, turning neither in nor out. The feet are small and compact with short nails.
Flaws: direct knee joints.

Movement of the free and smooth, the limbs move in a straight line in perfect rhythm, each step of the visible grace and power.
FAULTS: Movement waddle or “rake” clumsy movements; intersecting movement fore and hind limbs; pacing.

Coat is short, straight, tight, shiny and thin.

Color and markings. Motley, “Fur Seal (dark brown) or black color with white spots.
Spotted is preferable only when all items are flawless.
Note: sealskin coat looks black, but in the sun or in bright light streaked with red.
Markings: white trim around the muzzle, white blaze between the eyes, white chest.
Desirable markings: white trim around the muzzle, smooth white blaze between the eyes and forehead, a white “collar” white “dickey” on his chest, partially or completely white front legs and white hind legs below the hock.
Note: The absence of a dog’s markings are desirable is not a disadvantage. A dog with a predominance of white on the head or body must possess sufficient merit, as opposed to its weaknesses.
ELIMINATING FAULTS: solid black, spotted or sealskin colors without white spots, liver or gray colors

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