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Canary Loss And How To Overcome Stress

Posted: 31 Mar 2011 01:55 PM PDT

1canary 11 Canary Loss And How To Overcome Stress

To overcome the canary so as not to stress it needs to take extra precautions to keep in mind is the stress on the canary not only suffer from the canary kenri male but also female.
The tendency of a bird to be a stress is influenced by many factors. In canaries are several factors that can make the stress is:

  • Environment is too noisy and crowded. This situation is triggered walnuts to stress. Noisy environments such as in the main street, in the middle of construction and development areas and areas with high traffic levels should be avoided.
  • Temperature and weather is not good, for example just too hot or too cold. In this situation usually walnuts would have jammed the sound, less agile even if for too long will cause illness until death.
  • The sound of other birds also trigger stress in walnut. This is evident because some male canaries experience proves that they have stalled due to noise and stress brought near to other birds which are larger and more “fighter”.
  • Adjacent to other animals, such as location of the cage is not good. This allows other animals such as cats, dogs, rats, geckos, etc. can interfere with the comfort of the bird.
  • Canary male lust is too some extent will be faster experiencing stress. Usually the bird will be very hyperactive and uncontrolled.

How to cope with stress canary was to be understood in greater detail. Here are some ways to overcome stress walnuts.

  • Keep out of place / environment that noisy, too hot and too cold. This may apply also if the canary female does not want to lay eggs and do not overfeed their children.
  • Place the cage / cage in a place far away from predators. Usually people put a cage or a cage in a bit high. Keep away from some birds also competent to make your canary into stress. CAUTION: Not all birds can make a canary into stress.
  • If the bird is too lust should be mated.
  • For solutions that female canaries do not want to incubate the eggs and overfeed their children will be discussed in subsequent papers
  • If the canary looks stressed for no reason, it could be a congenital nature. The solution is to cage and dyeing techniques kerodong head walnuts in water for 1 second.

Canary jams can be caused by various factors, such as a result of disease, being moult or stress. For how to cope with walnut jam sound stress are as follows

  • By way of injection. This method is used when the owner of the bird was very frustrated with the state bird and there is no way out anymore.
  • Drying of regular and of good food and healthy. This is important because some walnut jam triggered food is not good and not healthy.
    Techniques to the bird bath or spraying can help freshen the condition of birds.
  • Necessary with other sounds birds. Apparently, this technique could be useful to overcome the jam nuts.
  • Take a multivitamin a stimulant lust. It is capable of stimulating the walnuts for diligent sound and boost stamina.
  • Birds can also dikerodong, this is done so the bird was in a state of calm and more comfortable.

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