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Sugar Apple

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 12:45 PM PDT

1srikaya plant 01 Sugar Apple

Nona sugar apple or fruit (Annona squamosa), is a plant belonging to the genus Annona from the tropics.

Sugar apple fruit is round with a leather-edged a lot (like soursop). Flesh is white.

Includes semi-evergreen shrub or tree reaching 8 m high wither. Leaves ago, a simple, spears lengthwise, 7-12 cm in length, and width 3-4 cm. The flowers appear in bunches of 3-4, each flower 2-3 cm width, with six petals / petals, yellow-green spotted purple at the bottom.

2srikaya plant 02 Sugar Apple

The fruit is usually round or cone-like evergreen, 6-10 cm in diameter, with bumps and scaly skin. Flesh white, resembles and has the taste like pudding.

Nutritional Value

Sugar apple is rich in energy and food are a good source of iron.

Traditional Implementation

Used by some people in India to gather the hair tonic. Seeds are also pounded and applied to eradicate head lice.

3srikaya plant 03 Sugar Apple

Avoid inbreeding in captive birds

Posted: 03 Apr 2011 09:51 PM PDT

1breeding birds could be avoided if blood 011 Avoid inbreeding in captive birds

You would often hear the term inbreeding in a breeding context, both animal and plant. Actually what is the inbreeding, especially in captive birds? What are the positive and negative impacts for which we develop captive?

Inbreeding in captive birds is a reproduction process that occurs due to the marriage of two birds with the same genetic line or have the same parents or siblings. Example is the male parent with a child is, chicks with the female parent, children with children, grandchildren with grandparents and so on.

Inbreed marriage can increase the risk of children down the recessive trait of birds that damage. If a decline in genetic (general health) of a bird population, it is called inbreeding depression. The nature of the carrier which causes a decrease in quality of offspring is usually removed through a certain process which is also known as genetic purging or “genetic cleansing”.

Marriage inbreeding or breeding between relatives in everyday language the technical term or inter-Muhrim incest. Understanding inbreed in biology also includes marriage or conception itself (selfing or self fertilization).

2breeding birds could be avoided if blood 02 Avoid inbreeding in captive birds

Kinship (Relatedness or relationship) is usually quantified by some measures (such as konsanguinitas coefficient of jacquard, or inbreeding coefficient relatives coefficient, and covariance kinship).

The breeder birds (that have been developed in Thailand or in the West for example) eliminates unwanted characteristics in certain bird populations, which is also accompanied by the destruction of what is deemed “unworthy descendants”, performed particularly when trying to create new properties in certain birds .

If you are already an expert in the “sort and separate the” nature of a particular lineage in birds, please say you menangkar birds from breeders or descendants of same. But if it still lay or a beginner, my advice, marries the birds from their parents or grandparents who are different.

Today many people buy a pair of male-female birds from captivity and even from the same nest since she was a puppy. Then a pair of birds were raised and an arranged marriage to bred. In the context of the development of offspring as my description above, the enlargement and be continued pairing of birds from the same broodstock should be avoided.

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