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How Farming Turtles

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1funny turtle a lot of rage 01 How Farming Turtles

Many teens like turtles because of his unique and funny.

Water turtles live in most parts of the world, both temperate and tropical freshwater and seawater. Water turtles differ from other turtle species, namely the shell (shell) or gelambir (a kind of fin) in the leg.

In its original habitat, water turtles undergo hibernation process (“sleep” in the long run) in anticipation of the season extreme, namely with submerge himself in mud during extreme conditions. Another case with water turtles are kept in a cage, hibernation is never done because there is no more extreme seasons. Food and heating / cooling is provided. After all in the cage was not provided a suitable place to hibernate.

A. Fascination Water Turtle

Appearance of water turtles are unique and funny. These aquatic animals can live on land. At the back there is a hard shell and beautifully colored. Shell is what causes these animals as pets groove.
Maintaining water turtles began a trend in big cities of Indonesia in the last few tabun since imported from abroad. This hobby spread especially among teenagers. In developed countries like Europe and America, a turtle water has long been a pet that is treated as a pet.

2funny turtle a lot of rage 02 How Farming Turtles

B. Preferred type

The much-maintained: the eyes, alligator, pig heads, Galapagos boxes

Galapagos tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus) dubbed the giant tortoise-legged elephant. Shell diameter reaches 122 cm. Big fat paw. Berbintil Her skin rash. Although large, turtles are benign. While still small, less attractive appearance.

Turtle pig’s head (Carettochelys insculpta) is often called turtles-turtles. His head has a snout like a pig. Its size is about 40 cm with a black shell. Each leg has a membrane pool.
Turtle boxes or box turtle (Terrapene sp.) Have many kinds. Called a box turtle for its shell-patterned boxes. Among many species, there are some very popular as pets, namely malaclemys Terrapin (turtle backed like diamonds), Cuora amboinensis (often known as the machinations rice), Terrapine carolina, Terrapine Coahuila, and Pseudemys scripta. Generally tortoise plaid obedient temperament. His stomach transversely hinged so that the whole body can be inserted into the shell. Beautiful belly complexion, namely yellow striped brown. Convex shell with a checkered pattern.

Turtles spy life and love to dwell at the bottom of a shallow river or lake among the roots of aquatic plants. Tumhuhan its shell resembles water. This type of animals prey on the water.
His nose was long and narrow. Sometimes the turtle is like peeking into the water.
Alligator turtle is a water turtle species that always live in water. Color brownish green shell-like water plants and happy disguise (camouflage) in their habitat. Behavior is unique and funny. Little pink tongue rnenyerupai worms that often extended. The tongue is to lure its prey closer. Weighing can reach 100 kg and capable of a duck at a time.

C. Cage and Equipment

To note:

- Avoid the use of coarse material and toxic cage
- Complete with a pool cage
- Avoid the use of water that is contaminated toxic materials

Materials cage hard to injure the foot and lower body. While the type and extent of enclosure to be prepared depending on the number, type and size of water turtles as adults. Cages should be equipped with a spacious pool area of ​​two-thirds of the cage and the third mainland. This land need to be equipped with rocks and green plants as a hiding place. Even the cage can be equipped “sandy beach” if its maintenance is intended for breeding. While the pool is equipped with wood that can float for a small turtle can rest on it or hiding in the side.

Son of a turtle coming out can be maintained in aquarium in the house (inrloor). Even when it was sold artificial pond from a tough plastic material and hold the incision. Such pool reserved for children only turtles and moveable according breeding pleasure. When you start big, tortoises should be moved in a pool at home.
High water level in the pond or aquarium set a minimum size of a long tortoise would be maintained. Water should be free from toxic materials. Umuk, the water left in the pond or aquarium for 48 hours before the turtles put into it.

For leftover food and feces do not contaminate water pond, the pond should be equipped with filters (filters). For this purpose the composition of the pond were a bit thick gravel. In addition, the cage should be placed where to eat and drink that can be closed. This meant that food and drink do not contaminate the pool water.

Direct sunlight will lose power if the need to pass ultraviolet fiber or glass window. If sunlight can not directly enter the cage needs to be paired artificial UV light. This lamp is turned on for 10-12 hours a day on the sunny air time or 12-14 hours a day at the time the weather is cloudy or dark.

4funny turtle a lot of rage 04 How Farming Turtles

D. Food

Main Makarum: fish, meat, worm
Food additives: mineral calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D

As pets, turtles can suffer from malnutrition due to lack of attention to general hobbyists type and amount of food required. Many who thought the turtles only eat plants, even though he was eating meat. Indeed, adult turtles eat meat only, while the young turtles eat plants and meat. Changes in eating behavior occurs after the age of 2 years.

Food in the form of meat, insects, worms, or dead fish should not be given through the pool water because the rest of his food will contaminate the pond water. However, living fish can be incorporated into the pool because the turtle can chase like in their natural habitat.

Feeding depending on the age and water turtles. young turtles are usually fed once every day, while adult turtles (old) enough to be fed 2-3 times a week.

Dog or cat food are mainly made from or flavored dried fish is very good because the content is given a complete nutritional substances. Moreover, food is an odorless, clean, durable storage, as well as feces and urine produced little.

Sometimes fresh food provided is not always contain balanced nutrients. To be nutritionally balanced, turtles can be given additional food in the form of tablets of minerals and vitamins, especially calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.

Tips for Fruit Trees in Pots Diligent Fruitful

Posted: 05 Apr 2011 09:40 AM PDT

1fruit trees in pots 01 Tips for Fruit Trees in Pots Diligent Fruitful

Tabulampot, or fruit of plants in pots is the planting of fruit trees planted in pots, it is intended to save more land and plant more productive. However there are times that we plant in pots instead of planting in fertile but instead became a dwarf plants and to grow, therefore it needs the following steps to be diligent fruiting plants

1. Make sure you choose a good seed to be planted

It’s useless if you want your plants while you are diligent in selecting fruit seeds from plants that do not have superior quality, it will bear fruit but the plant would not produce good fruit

You also need to know the characteristics of the fruit. Do not let the upland crops grown in the lowlands. It will not fit. Like the strawberry which is a highland plant.

2. Choose the proper pot size as the planting media, pots that you choose must be absolutely precise, the size shape and pore / water absorption must be right. Do not get large plants you planted in small pots, this will inhibit plant growth due to malnutrition

3. Selection of the right of Growing Media

For the planting medium in pots, try to use the media do not only form of land, but also give other media such as chaff, manure – cattle dung, etc.. It is intended that the content of nutrients in soil more if you use the land only, the tabulampot will be difficult to bear fruit. Do not forget to fertilize them as well to further enrich the nutritional soil. For planting media, you should use a soil that is mixed with manure and rice husks. Comparison of soil, fertilizer and chaff is 1:2:3

4. Diligent watering Every Day

Do not flush tabulampot only in leaves, but in the media using the earnings due to the need of water is the root of the plant. In addition to regular watering, tabulampot also need sunlight. When the sun rarely tabulampot lazy bear fruit.

5. Fertilizer give regularly

For organic fertilizers, manure or compost be given twice a year, every six months. Meanwhile, the inorganic fertilizer npk, given every three months. What is measuring? Just to illustrate, tabulampot with container drum, give as much as 5 kg organic fertilizer. While the dose of inorganic fertilizer, about 3-5 tablespoons at a time of giving. is the planting of fruit trees planted in pots, it is intended to save more land and plant more productive. However there are times that we plant in pots instead of planting in fertile but instead became a dwarf plants and to grow, therefore it needs the following steps to be diligent fruiting plants.

2fruit trees in pots 02 Tips for Fruit Trees in Pots Diligent Fruitful

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