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Cute Pet Ferret

Posted: 12 Apr 2011 06:49 PM PDT

1ferrets as pets that started a lot of rage 01 Cute Pet Ferret

In a country where the perception of satwanya has advanced, ferrets have long been a pet that no longer classified as exotic animals. However, because the agility and intelligence ferrets, rodents in the future has the potential to enter the ranks of pet care.

The opportunity to live ferrets generally 9-10 years old. In countries with four seasons, his weight fluctuated depending on the season running. In the fall of 30-40% weight gain due to the deposition of fat under the skin. Naturally it is useful to protect the body from the cold. This weight will be normal again in the spring.

A. Ferret Fascination

What is the main attraction:

  • Likes to run and play with the very lively
  • Love to chase birds
  • Easily taught urinate somewhere

Ferret is an interesting animal hearts and invite attention. Movement is active and agile as if to know everything. Owners who sometimes let ferretnya playing in the house should ensure no gap that can be entered. Therefore as rodents, must be ensured that there are no objects in the house that can be bitten.

Hobbies ferrets that may be considered attractive or otherwise annoying is the capture of birds. Owner ferrets are also a keeper of birds are sometimes happy to see that chasing birds ferrets pet. However, bird owners should be cautious with this. For birds are not easily captured, at the neck of ferrets were given a bell to sound when the run chase birds. Due to noise, the bird will flee and ferrets will try to catch the bird.

As pets, ferrets easily taught or small bowel in the box. Moreover, ferrets have a habit just to go pee in a place he liked. Therefore, always wanted to move it will be very nice if the box is equipped owner entrances and exits as well as provided several pieces in one cage. With the box ferrets can play around and ran out of the box. Agile movement is very fun to watch.

2ferrets as pets that started a lot of rage 02 Cute Pet Ferret

B. Preferred type

The much-maintained:

  • Ferrets ficth
  • Albino ferrets
  • Fenet Siamese

Ferret is similar animals beaver and close relations with the weasel, mink, otter, and badgers. Progenitor ferrets are wild animals is estimated that called Weasel aka European polecat. However, ferrets are not wild animals.

Generally, ferrets were given a name and type based on the color of their feathers. There are three types of ferrets are very popular. Ferret ficth, one of the most popular variant, dark yellow with masked faces hitain colors (including black stripe on the legs and tail). Aka albino ferrets buic has beautiful white fur with pink eye. In addition, there is also ferrets Siamese who looked like a Siamese cat.

C. Cage and Equipment

Terms of birth:

  • Do not have a gap
  • Not from material that is easily decomposed or easily bitten
  • Well ventilated

An elongated body with a flexible joint articulation makes ferrets able to escape through a narrow gap though. Window, the connections, and the bars are easy to open should be frequently controlled. The size of the cage I have found no particular standard, only the more extensive the better cage for ferrets.

Air vents in the enclosure should be smooth. Sun, especially morning liari, balls can go into some areas of the cage. This light is important to warm, dry wet parts of the cage, kill bacteria and germs, as well as a useful source of ultraviolet light to synthesize vitamin D. When the tough get sunlight, the cage can be turned on artificial ultraviolet light for 10-12 hours each day.

Cages need to be equipped with exhaust box (litter box) because ferrets easily taught or small bowel in it. Box equipped with an exhaust exit-entry is preferred. When the cage is wide enough, can be provided more than one box for ferrets to play with the lively.

Ferrets like to sleep in a relatively narrow, but comfortable and safe. For this purpose, the cage can be provided a special box for his bed. Because ferrets like to sleep with a cloth-covered then give a thick towel as a place to smuggle her body. His bed mattresses can be of sawn timber or woolly carpet.

Places to eat and drink are placed in such a way so as not to disrupt the activities of ferrets, not littering the floor, and easily accessible. Such equipment should be easily cleaned and not allergic to ferrets that make glass or ceramic material shaped cup would be more suitable.

Ferret, let alone a young, very happy to infiltrate into the pipe or plastic hose. Therefore, prepare a plastic pipe or hose for such behavior can still be done.

3ferrets as pets that started a lot of rage 03 Cute Pet Ferret

D. Food

Food ferrets fish, meat, boiled eggs, fruit, vegetables

The best food: dry food pellet form

Cat food manufactured well-liked ferrets. Dry food pellet form is better than the wet canned food. Dry foods can train gums, clean teeth, and not much left in the crevices of teeth. Food in the tooth gap is easy to invite flies and quickly decay. While the wet food very easily left in the tooth gap. Even the wet food fat content is too high and often contain additives that cause interference function of the organ.

Although it has benefits, it does not mean there is no dry food shortage. Dry foods contain vitamin B complex and vitamin C that has been damaged, even lost. To overcome this, into the dry food added to food additives. Additional food sources of animal protein in the form of meat, fish, or boiled eggs are given in turn. Meat and fish should be free of bones.

Additional food sources of vitamins and minerals in the form of fruits and vegetables. If fruit and vegetables is given, no longer need to be given extra vitamins and minerals. Additional vitamins and minerals needed only in special circumstances such as ferrets are pregnant, sick, or stressed.

E. Maintenance

Things to do:

  • Wear gloves when going to hold it
  • Identifiers that are not easily give away
  • Note the condition of the body to stay fit

Patin Fish Farming Techniques

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 11:57 PM PDT

1fish patin 01 Patin Fish Farming Techniques

Patin fish or in Latin called Pangasius Hipothalmus is a fish consumption of freshwater fish seed cultivation.


Several requirements must be met by a location before it is used to grow patin fish are:

  1. Land of the pond should be textured clay loam, not porous and contains enough humus.
  2. Slope angles ranging between 3-5%.
  3. Water must be clean, not muddy bottom of the pond, not too muddy and not contaminated from materials – toxic chemicals, oils and / or factory waste.
  4. Water temperature should be dikisaran 24-28 degrees C and has a pH level between 6.5 to 8.


Preparation Pool
Preparation pool done in order to cultivate sources of natural food in sufficient quantities for the fish to grow. Some pond preparation stage that must be addressed:

  1. Drying ground pool base.
  2. Liming the soil of the pond by using calcium oxide or dolomite, with a dose of 25 kg / 100 m2.
  3. Fertilizing with manure at a dose of 25-50 kg / 100 m2 and the TSP with a dose of 3 kg / 100 m2.
  4. Pool filled with water as high as 3 cm and then allowed to stand for 3 days.
  5. The process of adding water little by little until done in the end the maximum pool water level is 80-120 cm.

Spreading Seeds
After the age of 1-3 weeks (1 inch long), son of patin fish can be immediately transferred into the rearing pond. Seed stocking activity is done in the morning or late afternoon when the pool water temperature is not high.

Which should always be considered is that the quality of water should always be properly maintained. Water should always be replaced every look cloudy.

Feed can be given as much as 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. Doses of feed per day amounted to a fifth of the weight of the fish.

Patin fish raised in ponds can be harvested after the fish reach the age of 3-4 months. Patin fish the size of half a kilogram weight between – one kilogram of patin fish is the most widely sought.


Patin fish have several advantages, among them the meat was thick and tasty, fatty, and does not contain a lot of thorns. Selling price is stable and high cultivation of patin fish make promises many advantages.

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