Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puppies For Sale Cheap

Puppies For Sale Cheap

How to Take Note of Those Puppy Scams that You Meet Online

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:45 AM PST

Unfortunately even in the puppy selling area you can meet scams all over the internet. With this virtual gateway opened to information and to all sorts of other activities (business running, selling, providing services, dating, buying, etc.) scammers have penetrated with ease tricking good faith people who attempt to do real and honest business. As such if you want to get a puppy for your family you should know how to stay away from these scammers who try to sell puppies they do not even own.

Cute puppy for sale How to Take Note of Those Puppy Scams that You Meet Online

Read on the useful tips when you search online for a puppy:

  • Check with the location that the seller has to enable customers to come and see the puppies. It might happen for this location to be far away from your place but in this way you will know that this location really exists. In case this option is not available, ask the seller to send a photo of the puppy taken next to a specific object to make sure that the puppy is at the seller’s location.
  • Do not consider wiring money but rather make the payment through a traceable source such as a credit card or through PayPal. In this way you can make sure to get a refund if the puppy doesn’t arrive to your destination.
  • There are many ads promoting “Free Puppy” that need to find their owner. These are disguised lovers for puppies they do not even possess and will only ask you for money in advance to ship you the puppy.
  • The same goes true for those people claiming to be missionaries from other countries who have great pedigree puppies such as Maltese, Yorkshire, Bulldogs, and others alike. They will draw your attention and interest promoting these puppies for being sold at 10 times less than the prices of your local market. They will also ask for money to have the puppies shipped to you.
  • Check also for any complaints coming with the specific business, if this one is legitimate, and see whether or not these complaints have been solved.

So, take into account the tips from above to make sure that when you are out there on the online puppy selling market, you won’t get tricked by the scammers.

 How to Take Note of Those Puppy Scams that You Meet Online

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