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Puppies For Sale Cheap

Things To Know on Puppy Training – Time To Start Training

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 10:48 AM PST

Many puppy owners are not very convinced that training should start with the early stages of their puppy’s life. They believe this simply because they do not trust the capability of a puppy to learn and accumulate new habits. But we have to disagree with them and let them know that puppies are pretty capable of starting training even when they are very young.

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The more you wait the harder time you will have in trying to get your puppy drop any other bad behavior he got hold of in the meanwhile. As soon as your puppy turns 10 weeks of age you should consider him old enough to keep his focus on for the short sessions involved in the training.

Follow the tips from below to make sure that you have a successful training:

  • Show a lot of patience with your puppy because they are very prone to let themselves distracted very easy. It is not recommended to yell or manifest a harsh treatment because they are very sensitive when get abused both verbally and physically.
  • Always make sure to train your puppy in short sessions due to their short attention spans.
  • Go mainly with the basic stuff and increase the training with harder elements (commands and behaviors) in accordance to the age.
  • Show more positive approach while setting your puppy to perform successful tasks. In this way you will build his confidence.
  • The following commands are the most adequate for 10 weeks of age for your puppy: sit, down, come (when he is called), walk on leash, no biting, no nipping, and no jumping. Do not omit also the house and crate training.
  • Try to make the training session a fun activity for your puppy and also for yourself. When the time has come and he gets vaccinated (around 4 or 5 months of age) you should afterwards consider enrolling him in a class of appropriate age to learn the basic while being around people and other dogs.
  • It is very important to incorporate your puppy into one of the above programs as in this way he will learn how to socialize. This will help into building a self confident adult dog without fears and aggressive behavior.
 Things To Know on Puppy Training   Time To Start Training

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