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Cat toy review: FroliCat BOLT

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 09:04 AM PST

Tequila’s been trying out a new cat toy lately called the FroliCat BOLT. The manufacturers sent us one to try out and we both like it!

The BOLT is a pretty cool cat toy. Inside the little bowling pin shaped device there’s a little laser light that reflects off of a mirror. When the mirror moves around, so does the laser, keeping your cat busy for quite a while. The BOLT can be placed on a flat surface, like a table or the floor, but it’s also small enough to hold in your hand so you can direct the laser yourself. Once it’s turned on, the laser will move around on the floor, the wall, and everything in between!

As I write this, Tequila’s eyes are glued to the little red dot that’s moving around the room. Since she’s not been feeling all that well lately, she doesn’t pounce like she would have a few months ago, but the laser light still keeps her attention for a long time! She’s figured it out though and wants to check out the toy itself. For this reason it’s important to be sure the laser doesn’t get directly in your pet’s eyes as well as your own.

The BOLT has a timer on it so that when you turn it on, it’ll go for 15 minutes then turn off. I’ve turned it on at least three times so far this morning and kitty is still interested.

Tequila’s giving the BOLT a paws up and I’m giving it a thumbs up. This is a great cat toy.


So, do you think your kitty would like one of these cool cat toys? If so, tell us a little about your cat – we’ll accept entries until Sunday, March 7. Then, on Monday, March 8 we’ll pick a winner, who will get his or her very own FroliCat BOLT! (be sure to read our contest rules.)

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